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  1. I was thinking if I had really had to buy the fittings I would buy the distro plate too because shipping was extremely expensive. Is the distro plate worth it? Will it run better than my 4 year old pump res? I am also uncertain of the outer diameter of the fitting... What if I run into the same problem...? Is the fittings 28mm too high or not?
  2. I am having an issue where my fitting is too thick, not enough clearance, it hits the fan and I can turn the CAP anymore.(right side of fitting in the picture) I am using Hardline fittings. Here are the pics: It shows precisely why I cant put the cap on. This is exactly the amount of space I have. This is what I am thinking of using to solve this issue... The total is 700$, is there another way to go about this? Here is how my build looks right now: What should I do, don't really wanna spend that much money and don
  3. I bought the samsung for 600$ and the ADATA one for 270$ Canadian. Is my samsung now deffective or is this because of storage space?
  4. If you wait, it will start playing the video. I think they hard added the AD time... For me it shows up as an error in grey and then plays after the ad should've been skippable.
  5. That sounds very expensive. Something I may not be able to accomplish.
  6. Looking for a suitable hard drive for my server on windows 10 (this is on my gaming pc). I run this PC 24 hours and 7 days a week. I have 4 users using my machine at any given time. I currently have a 4tb & 8tb seagate barracuda and they're both 90%+full. My budget is around less than 250$ Canadian . I'm not sure if I should go with NAS or keep going with regular hard drives as the current ones have had no problems. 4tb has been 4 years strong and 8tb 1 year strong. Please help me decide the best option for me. edit: One thing is the more I work on the server,
  7. I was excited when I saw the first two pics then you crushed me with the 3rd picture. It's 1 thousand dollar monitor, shouldn't have dead pixel. I wouldn't keep it because I'd be distracted by the dead pixel most of the time.
  8. @brandonmufc06 What I usually find is people on the same network are using it. Usually, one way to troubleshoot the problem is to unplug the Ethernet wires, factory resetting the router (for peace of mind)* and finally plugging each device onto the router. Gradually you will find the culprit. Coming from a guy who buys 175mbps that was only getting 70mbps. If it's a laptop connect a Ethernet cord directly in and see if anything changes during the speed test. (Streaming a vid rn) *If any configuration are wrong resetting should fix it. Last case scenario would
  9. I bought one last week. 512nvme ssd i7 7500U 16gigs ram 4k touch The biggest reason for me returning this laptop within the next 30 day is that this laptop has huge bezels compared to other laptops. Also, the noise while idle is just ugh. Bearable but it shouldn't be the case. I wish the keyboard wasn't as shitty as well, people should copy the macbook keyboard. But overall it's a good experience. Laptop is wonderful little machine that gets work done. I will be exchanging it for a new Lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga gen2 when it releases.
  10. Everything is alright, I guess. I have one dead RAM. Narrowed it down to one stick by trying them all in pair, pretty sad. BIOS seems to be running smoother now. Before I couldn't control the mouse as it was lagging but it was reading 32 gigs. Now, I had to remove the one faulty one and it's pair and BIOS seems to be affected by running mouse smoother. Back to 16 gigs, I'm going to try getting an exchange from newegg. They said I could exchange it Friday but I got the motherboard Thursday afternoon and only finished building the desktop Friday morning. When I tried looking at my options the ta
  11. I am using 1 ram now and it booted. I will investigate further.