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  1. So, I think we can agree that they got hacked for at least their mailing list. Lets hope that's all they got.
  2. Could be that Outlook is just terrible, but I think this one isn't spoofed.
  3. To an exchange? or to the police? The email mentioned that the address was email specific, so both are probably pointless. I'm just curious if this actually happened or is just some kind of elaborate hoax.
  4. It was the support@vuugo.com address. Their support chat is closed, and if the hackers can get the support address to send something chances are the whole site is compromised. On the bright side, the address they have is wayyy out of date, the card has been long expired, and them having my name is next to useless.
  5. Maybe send Jay, Kyle, Tom and/or Steve this idea instead. Vancouver is a long way from California, but those guys are all pretty close to each other
  6. Anyone shop on Vuugo? Way back in the day when I built my first computer I got a 4460 from Vuugo because it was the cheapest on pcpartpicker. Today, I get an email from the support address offering to sell all information (specifically the customer data, source code, etc.) for an amount sent to bitcoin address. Any other past shoppers have the same experience? On a sidenote, it really makes you wish they would force companies to build an option to let you delete your data with them....
  7. Not sure if you heard about the whole SMR debacle currently going on. The tl;dr of it is that the big thee (WD, Seagate, and Toshiba) have been sneaking SMR drives into their product lines without mentioning it. Chances are these drives are using SMR technology, so maybe hold off on the purchase until things clear up a bit? Although it sounds like you'll be using them for archival which is what SMR drives are actually best at, so maybe not a bad idea? Anyways, hope this helps somewhat
  8. Hi forum, newb here. First time out, so please don't flame too hard. Recently I've been looking into ways of getting better wifi in my parents' home (I'm in uni and I live with my parents, sue me) and the run of the mill Telus box doesn't cut it at all. The house is 3 stories including the basement, and since the only DSL port is on the main/ground floor, the wifi in the upstairs and basement bedrooms is spotty at best. So I'm here for advice for about the most powerful wifi router for a reasonable (around 200 Canadian rubles) price. I'm not so much looking for fancy dual band or e