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  1. found the solution. had to roll back to 446.14 nvidia drivers are just shit i guess. they have left this unpatched for months
  2. I cannot, for the life of me, get pavlov VR to run at over 45 fps on my quest 2. It is set to 90Hz, 100% resolution scaling, and I've tried all the in-game settings. The bitrate for quest 2 is running at 350 as well. I have an r5 1600 and a 2070 super and neither of them is maxed out when running, not even close. Gpu is always under 50% with about 7GB of VRAM being used and my CPU never has any maxed threads according to task manager. according to fpsvr, my GPU frametime and my CPU frametime are both below 10ms, but my framerate is still at 45. All help is apprecia
  3. side note, dont turn raytracing on. it hits the cpu really hard as well because it has to render stuff that is reflected when it otherwise wouldnt have to.
  4. no you cant, the 1650 doesnt support the link cable unfortunately
  5. it would take a long time to ship another as they are all sold out
  6. Not sure where to post it so I will post it here. I got an offbrand oculus link cable and it came with a bent USB A. I bent it back into position however it rarely works properly. Would it be possible for me to take apart the USB A connector and perhaps manage to connect something that was broken? I am new to this and all help would be appreciated.
  7. I used to but lately I havent, it is running but because there are no outputs it uses 0% of my GPU
  8. thats unfortunate, thank you for trying i do think that it is strange how AMD has a reputation for bugs. After switching from a 480, i have experienced a fair few more bugs on nvidia than I did before. I do have fewer crashes in games like Sea of Thieves, though
  9. they are, always under 50 degrees with the fans under 10%
  10. I am running a 2070 super and it will not downclock. It never will go below 1605 on the core and the memory stays at 7750 always. I usually always have instant replay running but even when I turn it off (and the GPU usage goes to 0% in task manager and in MSI Afterburner), it maintains its clocks. I do have an overclock, +750 on the mem and +100 on the core, but I havent changed the curve so it should still downclock normally. I also have 2 monitors, a 165hz 1080p one and a 60hz 1080p one. is it possible to resolve this bug? and if not, will it reduce the longevity of the card?
  11. Do these exist? The cheapest one I've found is 70 dollars. It needs to support 2560x1600