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  1. unfortunately i only have one pcie slot, so it would have to come from my 2070s
  2. i have an old IPS 30 inch 2560x1600 monitor. I also have a 2070 super. the monitor only has dvi D and my GPU only has HDMI (which is being used) and displayport
  3. thats not true, most dont work for 2560x1600 i have tried two
  4. the cheapest one i could find that supports 2560x1600 is like 160 canadian dollars off of amazon. its absurd
  5. it may be 6 years old, but its still capable of running practically everything at high settings at 1080p. it was a good card.
  6. bro geforce experience actually has some pretty cool stuff. i like instant replay, for example. but idk if the 1030 even has nvenc so it might be worthless for him
  7. literally just plug it in and install the newest drivers. modern GPUs dont need a lot of tweaking. you can install msi afterburner and overclock if youd like, but honestly that only gives you a 5% or so performance boost, so its not a big deal. with a 980 ti and a 3600, your PC is better than the vast majority of steam users.
  8. nine times out of ten, it goes to what I set it to
  9. that is clearly not what the images show. I set it to 750, it goes to 551. I set it to 461, it goes to 264. Normally it does go to what I set it to, but its not now and i dont know why
  10. Could it be because I am mining? Is the VRAM thermal throttling?
  11. here are two examples. Why doesnt it go to what I want it to go to?
  12. Hey, just in case you want to record your desktop, i spent some more time searching and found this. it fixed it for me and i can record my desktop. https://www.reddit.com/r/GeForceExperience/comments/imes94/fix_recording_the_wrong_monitor_on_shadowplay/
  13. windows overlay is buggy with many of the games that i play