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  1. I'm going to restore the OS default for the documents folder. We'll see if I have any problems with this I guess. It's just super annoying that Microsoft told One Drive to do this. They obviously need you to fill up your cloud storage, so you'll think about buying more. I'm prepared to just reinstall my apps that freak out on me.
  2. I'm having a problem with One Drive. It's syncing my the documents folders in my two PC's. Both are Windows 10, and they have similar programs installed-programs that use the documents folder for app info. I've tried to uncheck the documents folder from One Drive's "select which folders to sync" settings. It gave me this message. Is it possible to point windows back to the C/users/zachary/documents folder without my apps freaking out? Will the OS manage that, or am I screwed? I'm pretty sure that One Drive actually switched the Windows documents folder to the one it created in the
  3. You do make sense! That's actually what I assumed to be true, but I wondered if there might have been some new feature developed since the 2600 era that Handbrake would be able to utilize for my purposes. I know the x265 encoder is a software encoder, but I don't know enough about what goes on in these tiny magical metal squares to know for sure what's what sometimes. hahaha
  4. I have been using an old Dell workstation PC with an i7 2600 quad-core for transcoding my bluray rips for the last several years in Handrake. It's been a good machine for that purpose. I don't need the fastest encodes out there necessarily. I've always been more concerned with the output file results. I want the best quality I can get at the smallest file size. I watched a video a few minutes ago of a handbrake test a guy did with his Ryzen 3900x 12 core machine. His results blew me away in terms of speed. His PC took about an hour and a half for a single bluray movie to be encoded
  5. I'm having a new problem now. Our home security system is complaining that it doesn't have enough bandwidth. I guess I will have to call AT&T. Hate dealing with those guys.
  6. I decided to go through with the IP passthrough fix for now. I may call AT&T for the bridge option eventually. This seems to be working for now though.
  7. I guess I'll find out. I'll update the post for posterity. Thanks again!
  8. I'll have to do some googling about that bridge mode. Thanks for the tip!
  9. I didn't hear that Intel messed up. What is bridge mode? Is that like IP passthrough?
  10. Okay. That makes sense. I thought I read something in the Plex documentation about this. I didn't use Plex away from home that much, so it wasn't a huge deal when it stopped working. Would be nice to have the option back though. Thanks for chiming in!
  11. I have an Archer C7 router behind the Arris box. Though I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing, I hoped that my family would be safer by moving everything in our house from the Arris wifi (now turned off) to the C7's new network. Did that as soon as I heard about this whole situation from an episode of Security Now a while ago. I made sure that the C7 firewall was turned on, and hoped for the best. Thanks for looking out for me!
  12. That explains why my Plex server doesn't get out of the local network anymore. Thanks so much for your help! I'll configure IP passthrough tonight then.
  13. First off, thank you for your reply. I really need the help concerning this stuff. So you're saying with IP passthrough enabled on the Arris modem that I can use the second router to be my connection to the public internet?
  14. So a couple months ago I learned of a security breach in the the Arris brand modem that AT&T supplied my house with. Here is a link to a ZDnet article explaining the situation... http://www.zdnet.com/article/flaws-in-att-routers-put-customers-at-risk/ As U-Verse customers, we are required (so AT&T says at least) to use the supplied modem. I think this is because U-Verse does TV, phone, and internet all from one modem? What should I do about this? AT&T doesn't seem to care about our security. Talking to their customer support is frustrating. They don't know what you're t
  15. I would love to find these keycaps for Live too! I wonder if a company would print them for us?