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  1. Trust maybe.Anyways it depends on how much u truse me.If u think i am a fraud then u can simply ignore me.Or if u r interested u can reply me here
  2. Want to trade Rise of d tomb rader 20th anniversary edition KEYS with GTA V,BATTLEFIELD 1,GR:WILDLANDS, Or any great game if u have.Just lemme know in d cmmnts or come pm
  3. Thanks guys and i was also thinking to buy now bcuz it might not get a huge price drop because of cheaters. And hackets
  4. Should i buy CS go now or wait 2 months to buy in summer sale of steam.Any huge price drops
  5. Nope.Vs brand is full of shit.It has very limited upgrade options and not for high end gaming.Your best bang for buck Is Cooler master GXII 550w storm edition.Its a best PSU for now and best for gaming in this budget.But if u plan to upgrade to I5 and a 1070.It should be fine.But if u later want to upgrade to an i7 and a Gtx 1070 then increase ur budget and Get a Corsair RM650x.Thats it.
  6. DO ALL THESE Comes with japanese capacitors
  7. Seasonic dont have a serviCe center in my area.So i cant buy it
  8. My rig is Pentium G4560 8 GB DDR4 ram MSI H110M-PRO VH MOBO Corsair spec-01 case Wd 1 tb HDD GTX 1060 6 gigs Suggest me the best Reliable Corsair or Cooler master PSU With atleast 3 years working guaranteed with Japanese caps and have all kinds of safety.I live in India
  9. Hey bro i will help you just tell me your specs
  10. Never buy that.I repeat never buy that if u plan to use ur rig for hardcore gaming.It might burn your system.I told u to tell me ur specs.I will help u
  11. Hii bhai i am feeling glad to help a Indian bhai.Aapki specs clear nahi aa rahi hai.Tell me all the specs u have by quoting me.Then i can help u better.India me Corsair aur Cooler master ko chor ke koi bhi brand ka PSU lena bekar hai.The warranty suppport is zero.Rest important thing to consider while buying a PSU is that it should Must have quality japanese capacitors and never have any chinese Capacitors.It must be safe enough too.So tell me your parts and i will help u with a PSU I replied to you in your main post and difference between single and multi rail is Single Ra
  12. I am new to the PCMR.During winter and summer sale Do big titles have a great discount like GTA V in 7-8 bucks