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  1. Thanks for your support I will send an email to amazon
  2. I return my EHDD and reject my refund and said you should have call us for the problem in order not to get your product seized but I was able to get refund. Wrong item was delivered and opened also If possible to get refund in that case
  3. I did the same thing while ordering EHDD and then my refund got stuck and Amazon customer support staff and senior told that you you should have call as before sending the item to warehouse And if I would get refund under this condition As the router was ordered and wrong item was sent The wrong item has problem
  4. Hello I have ordered TP-Link Archer A6 from Amazon But I received wrong product i.e. Archer C1200 (which price was more then Archer A6) Upon receiving the product I open the open with camera on then I contact Amazon (before contacting Amazon, I check the video was taken or not but as I am unlucky I was, the footage was lost) then after calling Amazon about the problem they told to email your problem so then I email with photos of wrong item delivered then 3 hours I got reply that refund was initiated and will be pickup in 2 day prior of the email sent. But my mother and then fa
  5. Thanks for the comment I added custom firmware because as the router gets old and install custom firmware to get some features Usb support is optional I edit that post
  6. Hello I have TP-WR840N but it has problem like Wi-Fi turning off, PPPoP connection takes time and slow Wi-Fi speed I am looking to buy a new router I have shortlisted some of the router but if you have better suggestion that is better that the router shortlisted then suggestion would be appreciated Here the router that are shortlisted TP-Link Archer A6 ($30.42) TP-Link Archer C60 ($29.10) D-Link DIR-825 (Currently N/A but price was listed $27.12) Note: All the prices are converted from local currency to USD Maximum budget is $3
  7. Sorry guys Thanks for your feedback Motherboard has passed away on Nov 2019 Currently I am using 11 years old Intel CPU Q8300 Windows 10
  8. Hello I have a particular problem I brought a WD My Passport 2019 edition (2626) The drive was overheating near 50C so i contact the WD support then RMA the drive The RMA drive has arrived after 9 days Then i use WD Data Life Guard Diagnostic for Windows and ran extended test it has pass the test The temperature was 36-38C (ambient 29-32C), the computer was placed at corner of the room where the main fan is not under the computer but a USB fan was placed to cool down the drive then next day evening this time. I use HD Tune "Error Scan" and ran the tes
  9. But some users are experiencing some issue with this particular update Searching on Google many news outlet to uninstall the update due to file deletion bug
  10. I have uninstall this update from control panel due to having problem I did receive during the boot up "cleaning up 100% completed" what is meant by this? The update is still appearing back in Windows update setting and forcing to update I had pause the update What should I do update or not