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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3600
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  1. Just thought if you don't need that much it would be better to stick to a lower wattage power supply. I was thinking if it's running on a 250w power supply why would I need to go for something that is 200w higher as that might be overkill. My main concern is safety so would going with a 550w or 650w power supply be better?
  2. I bought a 2nd hand Intel Core i5 Asus M11AD desktop PC for my parents to use as an Unraid server (I wanted to give them a "server" so they could back up their laptops, store files on and run some Docker containers to do some automated tasks for them). I put in a few extra hard drives and removed the GPU (as it wasn't needed) and it's all working well but I noticed the power supply is a 250w power supply from a brand I haven't heard of before (the ASUS site says it should come with a 350w power supply but the one in my parent's PC is a 250w power supply so maybe it's been replaced) and as this
  3. Hi there. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not. I bought some WD My Book 8 TB Desktop Hard Drives and I would like to take the hard drives out of their enclosure and put them into my PC/NAS (custom Unraid build). Looking online these drives have WD White Label drives in them which are like WD Reds expect they have a Power Disable Feature enabled on the 3rd SATA pin. There seems to be a few options such as using a Molex adaptor (heard about bad issues with these so I don't want to use them in my build as the server runs 24/7), using tape on the 3rd pin
  4. I'm looking at getting my brother into PC gaming so he can join in some multiplayer/co-op games with me and some of our friends (he's not the biggest gamer and currently plays on a Xbox One S and Switch). He doesn't have a monitor at his home so will most likely play with the PC plugged into a 1080p TV so I'd like to get a steady 60fps with most modern (mostly shooter) games on a highish preset (so he gets good frame rates and good details from his couch). Is this possible using an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and a 8GB RX 580? I have a spare SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 580 8GD5 laying aroun
  5. Old setup - AMD Sapphire RX 580 8GB, 1 120mm Fractal Design Silent Series R2 fan (3 pin fan plugged into fan controller) Current setup - Asus GT 1030, 1 120mm Noctua Chromax (PWM plugged into motherboard) and 1 120mm Fractal Design Silent Series R2 fan (3 pin fan plugged into fan controller) I started with a AMD Sapphire RX 580 8GB but then realised I didn't need that much power for my build and downgraded to a fanless GT 1030 (and to reduce the noise down further). I started with the 3 stock Fractal Design fans (in their stock positions 2 rear and 1 intake on the
  6. I use a Fractal Design Node 804 for my NAS/VM build (AMD Ryzen 2600) and it runs fine with the stock air cooler. It runs 24/7 and I have no overheating issues or anything (but then again I am not OCing or pushing it too hard). I have been looking at getting a new cooler (as I want to see if I can get a quieter setup) but there doesn't seem to be too much clearance for a really big cooler. The Fractal Design Support site says it's a 160mm max - https://support.fractal-design.com/support/solutions/articles/4000055617-node-804-cpu-cooler-limitations
  7. Has anyone used a 8TB Toshiba N300 in a NAS before and if so what is it like (particularly for noise)? I currently have an Unraid server (used as a Home NAS for Plex media streaming, running VMs, file sharing and to hold PC backups) running 1 6TB WD Red and 3 4TB WD Red drives (all hanging inside a Fractal Design Node 804 case) but I'm starting to run low on disk space so I am looking to upgrade. I was looking at replacing a 4TB WD Red with a 6TB version for about £165 but saw that the Toshiba 8TB drive for under £200 (which is within my budget). My NAS is in my living
  8. Wow that's some use case! If .NET 4.6 is a requirement could you not run this program as a Docker container on a Windows environment?
  9. Yeah it's getting pretty difficult. I have it setup to use IOMMU passthrough but I can never seem to restart my VM (such as after an update or if I just want to shut it down so I can use the CPU for another VM) with the GPU passthrough setup with a single card. It just crashes and will not restart without rebooting Unraid. I also tried to move my main card but it takes up 2 slots and ends up blocking things like the USB 3.0 headers at the bottom of the motherboard. What I was hoping to do was to give 1 VM full access to the RX 580 and have Unraid and whatever else use t
  10. I built an Unraid server using an AMD Ryzen 2600, AMD RX 580 GPU and an ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS motherboard (updated to latest BIOS). So far it's been pretty good but I often have issues with my GPU in VMs (mostly around restarts of VMs). I have a spare ASUS Nvidia GT 1030 (from another build) laying around. Could I use that spare GPU in the bottom PCIe slot and have the PC boot using that GT 1030 leaving my more powerful RX 580 free to be used by the VM? Having a look online some motherboards might allow this via the System Agent Configuration in the UEFI/BIOS, but I can't seem to fin
  11. I have the drive cloned to an external HDD. I can create a new backup onto an external HDD. Would the Acronis True Image back up tool be OK for this (never restored a back up before)?
  12. Might have to look into a different setup. Is there no way to keep the motherboard RAID setup?
  13. Thanks. I think I am out of spare SATA ports. Is there a way to do it by removing one set and putting another in?