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  1. nevermind I am just dumb i never took of the spacers that the old gpu had to use
  2. So I have a 3070 founders edition and I have a two monitor setup but the side monitor that I use for discord and twitch chat uses DVI but the graphics card only has DP 1.4a and a hdmi port I bought a DP to DVI converter but it doesnt seem to work. Is it because of the version of the DP being newer should I just convert from Hdmi to dvi?
  3. okay i will look into that for now it is working
  4. yeah i put it into the 3rd slot and it worked not sure if this is a bad motherboard thing or just how the board is designed
  5. i have not I was planning on it but i am currently downloading and setting up my computer so didnt want to turn it off I will try that tomorrow after work
  6. under the m.2 tab none of the 3 m.2s say they are detecting anything
  7. only 2 drives appear in my disk manager 1 being my ssd and the other my hdd nothing else
  8. Hey I recently built a new computer and this is the first time I bought a m.2 NVMe SSD and my computer doesn't seem to be recognizing it my motherboard is an x570 gigabyte aorus ultra and the ssd is a samsung 970. I have it plugged into the top slot not sure if that matters.
  9. Hmm good to know. The expected ship date is december 1st but if I can get my hands on the 5900x or 6800xt before then I am cancelling my order mainly because if I have the cpu i can build the computer with my old 1070 till i can get the gpu and if i have the gpu i can probably plug it in to my current build until cpu is available. Also I feel like going full tower is a good option because the computer I have now is pretty tight and it would be not only easier to work in but also more likely to be able to fit all the parts without having to do more research if this is a bad idea let me know als
  10. hmm Yeah when looking it just says 800 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Gold Certified Power Supply
  11. Yes as I was saying I have a DH-15 and the case fans I will buy aftermarket I dont like the idea of not building the computer my self because I know they will try to squeeze money out of it.