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  1. I do this occasionally, it is a well maintained laptop (my only gaming machine as of now). Yes, the BIOS is locked, I can only set time and boot order. Thanks !
  2. I have a 10 year old laptop - Sony VAIO VPCEB34EN. I have tried MSI afterburner, speedfan to adjust fan curve but no luck. In the image attached, in speed fan, the green box has both CPU and GPU (sensors?) chosen and the curve is set to 100% fan speed at 63°C. I ran cinebenchR20 to put some load. As you can see in MSI AB graph, the CPU reaches 73°C max but the fan speed is not maxing out. But during gaming for long hours, where the CPU temp reaches 75°C and GPU temp reaches 78°C, the fan reaches a maximum of ~5200 rpm, the % in MSI afterburner shows some 78%. How do I set the fan
  3. If I download games in Steam at 550 MB/s and the SSD disk usage is at 672 MB/s, is this disk usage sequential or random write to the disk? What will happen if I download to a 5400 rpm HDD at the same download speed?
  4. GPU has it's own PCB, so it is not related to motherboard PCB.
  5. Also, will cloning (by any software) clones all the content on the OS disk or only windows files?
  6. Okay, can you help me with these advanced options (step 7) like which one should be checked and what not? Or Can i follow what was shown in that advanced options dialog box?
  7. I'm going to buy a new SSD for old my laptop (which only has a HDD as of now). The internet I have is limited and slow so cannot download Windows 10 that easily for a clean install. I'm thinking of 2 options: 1) Clone the existing installation to the new SSD using Macrium Reflect Free. 2) Prepare a system image and use that on the new SSD Which would be wise and problem/glitch free way? After the SSD becomes bootable, I will format the HDD and use it as storage drive. ALSO, what about windows activation? Mine is a Windows 10 Pro edition with late
  8. Patriot is not available here in India. You can refer amazon.in. Price conversion 1 USD = 73.5 INR
  9. Kingston KC600 is overpriced now too. I will not buy a DRAM-less SSD. WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB is little bit costly, I will but it then.
  10. I wanted to buy a 1TB 2.5" SSD for my 10 year laptop. Most of the time browsing, youtube and movies. Sometimes gaming. The popular SSDs like Crucial MX500, Samsung EVOs, Adata SU800, etc are overpriced here. Then I came across this Gigabyte SSD 1TB. I cannot find any good reviews and benchmarks anywhere. Is this a good SSD with DRAM cache? Any review links? Extra question: How to search for reviews in google that aren't done in English (like German and Russian languages)?
  11. If I plug a 3-pin jack into the audio out port in the front panel, will the microphone work? (without splitter)
  12. flipkart.com/samsung-ehs64-wired-headset/p/itm6afc192938c15?pid=ACCEH4Z9XYDVUPUW&lid=LSTACCEH4Z9XYDVUPUW8SIXCK&marketplace=FLIPKART&sattr[]=color&st=color This is a three pin jack right? I tried testing by plugging it in mic port and the computer doesn't read any voice in speech recognition.
  13. I'm currently working from home. My office have provided me a desktop PC because of laptop shortage. The PC is a Dell Precision Tower 5810. It has one mic port and one audio port in the front of the cabinet. All I have is a headphones that came with my Samsung galaxy S7. If I try skype (for business) calling I can hear others, but they can't hear me. But few others with the same situation, use headphones in the audio out port and can hear and talk. Why can't others hear me? Is there a fix. I installed the latest drivers already.
  14. Thanks! Not really much option here to test and buy monitors where I live. This is the only IPS 144Hz monitor at this price point. Currently this is in out stock, waiting for it to be back on stock. So making sure I don't make a mistake in choosing a monitor. I will do UFO test after getting the monitor and keep the settings I preferred.