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  1. So my fiancée has been having issues today. Her computer has suddenly stopped working normally, what I mean by this is even since she booted it up today, it's been hanging/freezing at the simplest of tasks and barely function for more then a short period of time. The description she has given me is that nothing works, ctrl+alt+del doesn't work, can't bring up task manager, and have to hard shut it down and try to restart it that way. She's tried giving the computer time to think and nothing. When it does work, it barely works, super slow and unresponsive and she's tried everything to check to
  2. wow I am dumb. I even looked at that and double check but my brain didn't catch on I suppose >.< Well I guess I am SoL
  3. I only had a few thousand points before the event started because I just did a test run to make sure it would work, even then, I should have more then just a thousand points because even today alone I had my computer running while I was at work and nothing was counted.
  4. so I don't know what's been going on but I have over 750k points earned on my end but you guys seem to have only ~1000 recorded for me? Can someone point me in the right direction to help get this resolved because I would like to be counted in for some of the draws that are going to be going on.
  5. yeah I mean, I had a 660 Ti last me more then 6 before so I was hoping the same would be said for my 970... kinda sucks that it's happened 6 (3?) months before the release of the 1100 series of GTX cards so if I get anything now it wouldn't really be worth it but at the same time, I can't game on this RX 550.
  6. I didn't mine on my 970 for 4 years, just a few weeks back in Jan/Feb
  7. no the AMD card I have is an RX 550 1GB (or 2GB, I can't really remember) so it doesn't require the power cables. I can't see the power cables being an issue though nor the PSU as it's a 750 B2 EVGA 80 plus Bronze power supply. Though my GPU is roughly 4 years old so I can kinda understand it crapping out... =\
  8. So there I was, playing Wow with my roommate, having an alright time, learning the ropes as I just started playing and then BAM! right in the middle of moving items around in my inventory my computer hard crashes and turns off. No blue screen, no warning, just auto off. The lights on my Asus Maximus code 9 MOBO are still on so I know my computer didn't lose all power however it didn't even attempt to turn back on, not even a postcode light attempted to turn on. I cleared CMOS and reset the BIOS back to default and still nothing. I unplugged the power cables to my 970 and extracted the AMD card
  9. UPDATE: Went through my different cords and still nothing, even tried doing it one drive at a time and the only thing that the MOBO picks up is the SSD. However that being said, I did update the BIOS Firmware I believe and still no success, I know that the SATA and Power cables are not the issue and it's not the board either since the SSD works in the same slot as I tried my hard drives and I used the same power cable to run the SSD. At this point, I think the drives are dead but I don't see how that's possible when they were working before my motherboard died. EDIT:
  10. Pictures from the BIOS 170711074804.BMP 170711074812.BMP 170711074905.BMP 170711075409.BMP 170711075511.BMP 170711074644.BMP
  11. The MSATA is now in a 2.5 in drive case like any old SSD. I also have tried the other sata ports and even the one sata port that picks up my SSD is not seeing my HDD
  12. Not being detected by the bios or OS and I'm sure they're being powered since it's the same cord that's also powering the SSD. I'm sure it's got something to with the cords or the ports. I'll look at using different cords when I get home from work.
  13. Hi guys, so last week I had some issues with a dead motherboard, so I went out and got a new one along with the other parts that would be required to get up and going again. However, when I finally got everything up and running, I noticed that my 2 mechanical hard drives were not being seen by windows and neither was it being seen by the UEFI Bios on my new motherboard. I have not done anything with drivers yet because the hard drives should be able to be seen by the mobo without having to do any software changes. Any ideas and suggestions would be helpful. Side note, I am using th
  14. Hey guys, a few days ago I turned my PC off for the night since I was not going to use it for a full 24 hour period and this was after I had left it on for weeks with no problems. When I went to go turn it back on, it started up just fine and then about 15 minutes later it died. Lost power completely. I looked into and did a couple of things, basic troubleshooting things if you will and got it back up and running. Started playing some games (Dying Light Enhanced Edition) with a friend and about a couple of hours later, it just lost all power and shut itself off again with no chance
  15. well what do you know, I tried this solution and it worked, thanks hopefully it helps the original poster