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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from BLLDoesTech in Spare parts build, better than my main rig   
    So I set out to build a new pc to put up on craigslist. I had a bunch of spare parts laying around, from upgrades, family and friends repairs, and just plain good deals too good to pass up. I figured I had enough parts to warrant investing 300-400 dollars to make presentable. It all started with a warranty MSI Z370 board that didn't need to be warrantee'd. Turned out the persons processor was just not compatible, so lesson learned and a new part added to my inventory. Then I was able to get a steal on a 8gb of patriot viper kit of ram, and I had a psu laying around from a friends pc that we recycled because of fall damage. Then I got back a pc I sold to a family member when they had me upgrade them to a current platform, so I got a good cooler master cpu cooler, and a nice case. The thing that really made this whole project worthwile is when I bout a triple slot gpu for my itx build on accident (2.75 is NOT the same as 2 apparently). So now I have a decently high end build that I put some cosmetic attention to. The only problem is the mobo doesn't seem to work with the first PCIE slot, so the gpu is running at supposed 8x instead of x16, but all the benchmark scores are well above the expected scores. Should I warrantee the board again? Or just sell as is with a disclamer? I think this thing is awesome for the price I invested, and with the aesthetic adjustments I've added. Cable extentions, ram color, and noctua fans added to the cooler (taken from the asus ryujin aio)
    I was a little rambly, but I would really appreciate some feed back, and maybe a price range I should try and get. All functional parts are either new or warranty replacements excluding the psu, and the gpu that spent about 2 weeks inside another pc before being replaced by an rx 580 i bought on craigslist for 80 dollars.
    Mobo- MSI Z370 SLI Plus
    CPU-   Intel i5 8600k (oc to 4.7ghz)
    Ram-   Patriot Viper 16gb (2x(2x4gb ddr4 2400ghz))
    GPU-   EVGA RTX 2060 Black edition
    AIO-     Cooler Master Hyper 212evo
    PSU-    Antec 620w 80+ bronze non-modular
    SSD-    Silicon 240gb
    HDD-    WD Black 2tb 3.5" 7200rpm
    Case-   Rosewill Tyrfing ATX
    +Random amazon ac600 wifi card, nzxt 140mm fan, ezdiy cable extentions

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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from filippalfi in Shift X Gaming Rig   
    I've completed the airflow mod for my radiatior

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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from Enderess in XBOX 360 PC Build   
    So I'm building a pc inside an original xbox 360 I wasn't able to fix a rrod on. So far I have all the components on lock:
    Intel Pentium G4600
    MSI H110i Pro AC
    Gigabyte GTX 1050 ti
    Crucial Ballistix 4gb DDR4
    Apevia 300 watt ITX PSU
    I've mostly got the layout and the assembly figured out. The big sticking point I'm having at the moment is the dvd drive. I want to keep the system with a functional drive, to keep it as close aesthetically and functionally to an actual 360. I'm no sure if I should get a laptop slimline drive and plug it in with sata, or rig up a external drive with the internal usb connectory.
    I'll upload some sketches and pictures if there's any interest.
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from mitzaotomitza in Filling the empty space in desk pc   
    Liquid cooling is pretty much off the table. I'm not willing to invest in that since it's unnecessary. My temps are pretty much below what I could hope for. I was thinking adding a few hdd to my existiing array, but beyond that, I still don't know what tot do with the final third of the case. Thanks for the tips though.
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from mitzaotomitza in Filling the empty space in desk pc   
    So I built a desk pc, based off linus's build. But instead of custom loop liquid cooling, i stuck with the stock air cooling. You can see the build log here:
    Now the problem I'm having is one of all the extra space on the left hand side. The side that linus has all the water cooling parts. Originally I had planned to build a storage server or stream pc on the other side, but now, I don't know. I pivoted my business so I no longer need the stream pc, and so far in the last 5 years, the 2tb hdd I have plugged into my router has been more than adequate for my storage needs. I'm kind of at a loss for what to do on the empty side. I'm kind of thinking of putting my network equipment in there, but I'm not sure.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from CableMod in Need help/advise for DIY Desk-PC Build!   
    Definitely sounds like you're looking to expand on linus's desk idea. Sounds like a cool plan, and while I don't really know much about about the pi nas, or hot swapping os drives and such, it sounds like it should be simple enough to integrate it all into the desk. The first thing I suggest is checking out cablemods international site, or talking to @CableMod for the extension cables for power and data. I used them in my desk pc, and they are working great. 
    You can check out my build here: 
    With the setup I have, 3 intake fans and 3 output fans, I have had no issue with cooling. I have the corsair h100i for cpu cooling, and my temps don't get above 55-60 under full gaming load with new AAA titles like deus ex, or mass effect. My psu and gpu fans are almost never spinning up, and the most I've ever seen on the gpu is 2 of the 3 at any one time. So air cooling would be a very feasible option, so you could use the space that ltt used for radiators and pumps and placement for your drive cage and an access for the pi. 
    With some careful measuring and cutting you create precise cutouts for the fron of the drive cage in the sides, and maybe a panel that opens for the pi that you can just reach in and make your modifications. If you're looking to make it cable free, you could take ltt's method of hiding the tubes and power cables further, and do it for all the cables. I have a usb hub mounted to the underneath the desk to run the cables for my monitors usb, and the wireless adapters for my keyboard and xbox one controller.
    Hope this helps, let me know if you wanted to know anything else.
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from CableMod in Cable Mod really taking 1 months to ship?   
    i recently ordered from @CableMod and it shipped in 3.5 weeks and arrived just a few days later. It cited a factory move, which was understandable. I couldn't be happier with the cables I received though, which I think were definitely worth the wait.
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from Rcarvalho21 in New Monitor - Need help!   
    I think this one is perfect for your specificatons
    if you're in the uk anyway.
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from Damascus in Building my own DIY Desk PC   
    Definitely. I like that it has a stitched border, which lets me know when I'm at the edge so I don't skip when I go over it. It's nice and smooth but super grippy on the bottom so it doesn't move with extended use, even with half of it being on glass and half on wood. 
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from Damascus in Building my own DIY Desk PC   
    good point. I actually have that aio in my micro build. I only picked the other one because it's so similar to the h100i. aesthetics and all that. but great call on the ssd. 
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from CableMod in Building my own DIY Desk PC   
    So I finally finished the structure and the gaming side of the desk. I put primer on the sides and I'm planning on a vinyl for the top. With the cablemod cables, I think it looks awesome. The flu power cable wasn't quite as long as I'd have liked, since it kind of goes over the mono right now, even with the cable as long as cable mod would allow. Same problem with the data cables. I wonder if @CableMod could tell me if the cables can be made any longer?
    Anyway, here's the mostly finished product:

     I do still need to work on my cable management though

    I'm thinking about building the server/ stream machine using a ryzen 5. From what I've read they support ecc and if be able to use the asus z370 to match the z270

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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from Damascus in Building my own DIY Desk PC   
    If my pattern keeps up, I'll end up selling this thing off before my next build. It seems to be an annual thing. So this time next year I'll have something hardline liquid cooled probably and this desk will be in someone else's house. 
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from Damascus in Building my own DIY Desk PC   
    I'm really liking the mouse pad. It has a nice feel when moving the mouse and my main problem with my last steel series pad was that my keyboard was either half on half off or hanging off the edge of my desk/keyboard stand
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from Damascus in Building my own DIY Desk PC   
    Warranty well and truly voided. Hooray!
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from CableMod in Custom cables for meh new build help plz :)   
    If you're unsure on the cables, just by a replacement kit for your psu. It'll come with all the same cables the psu ships with. I definitely recommend cablemod, but there's about a month wait. If you have any questions, I've noticed @CableMod is very helpful and quick to respond. 
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    faytleingod11 got a reaction from Damascus in Building my own DIY Desk PC   
    Made the cutout for mobo io and found some glass. I was hoping for 24×48 but I'll be settling for the freeish 15x48. I have just enough mdf left over to create the border for it. I'm planning on edge routing a .25" groove around the middle to set the glass into. I also plan on cleaning up the edges with the border linus used on the inside