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  1. great idea. The Tyrfing only has a partial window, so it's not totally noticeable with the side panel on, but I figure a twist tie should work perfect for that. I'll also be routing the front panel io that's sticking out in that same picture. Thanks
  2. A few pics of the current config and my attempt at cable management
  3. I feel like that is something to be done right before delivery/ for the end user. I leave all peeling to the very last second.
  4. The pictures in the first post are just after the initial build, before I got the system working. I post pictures after I get home of the new config.
  5. So I set out to build a new pc to put up on craigslist. I had a bunch of spare parts laying around, from upgrades, family and friends repairs, and just plain good deals too good to pass up. I figured I had enough parts to warrant investing 300-400 dollars to make presentable. It all started with a warranty MSI Z370 board that didn't need to be warrantee'd. Turned out the persons processor was just not compatible, so lesson learned and a new part added to my inventory. Then I was able to get a steal on a 8gb of patriot viper kit of ram, and I had a psu laying around from a friends pc that we re
  6. I am trying to reformat my old gaming rig to give as a htpc for my in laws. The problem is, the built in reset function in windows 10 fails repeatedly. I am now looking to nuke the drive and reinstall windows. But every time I try to get into the bios, it looks only partially loaded. I'll attach a photo, but its just a blue bar with the model of the mobo, and tbe letters ab in the bottom right corner. Windows runs fine, and all the hardware still runs as it should. Any ideas on how to move forwards would be appreciated. Ive tried all the basic troubleshooting. Reset ram, reset processor, witho
  7. I've completed the airflow mod for my radiatior
  8. sorry, i should have specified. I posted this and then kind of forgot about it. I accidentally bought a 3 slot gpu and now I have to zip tie it to the side of the chassis. I used a bunch of rewards coupons so I'd lose out on almost 75 dollars. I'm gonna keep this card until I upgrade to a 2080, then put this 2060 into my buddy's rig. I appreciate the offer though. I'm using extensions until I get custom cables, which are at the bottom of my upgrade path.
  9. I seem to have made a major oversight in my part selection.
  10. This is the first mounting after I did stability testing. As you can see, with the asus aio, and 4 rgb fans, there is an overwhelming number of cables to manage.
  11. I am about 70 percent of the way through my Shift X build, to the point where I can use the system. I am also taking pictures later tongiht, but I wanted to do the typing portion now before I tear the system down to do cable management. So many cables. for now, I'm gonna post the pc part picker and then add the pictures when I'm on mobile, since all the pictures are on my phone. I have everything purchased except the wd hdd's, and the video card. I'm also gonna be getting cablemod cables, but I was hoping to get some feed back on how to route them. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/VCw
  12. If these end up not working out, I won't be surprised, but I'm gonna gamble on the aesthetics being worth it. I have corsair ml120 on the other side of the rad, so it's a bit of 'something better than nothing' going on. Thanks for the input though, I'll start looking out for sales.
  13. I'm using the phanteks shift x case, and I'm trying to make a pass through for my radiator, since my testing shows very little air flow as standard. I already have black noctua fans (they came with the asus ryujin) but they are way too thick to go between the frame and the panel
  14. Do you know much about these? https://www.amazon.com/Bearing-Computer-Modulation-Supported-Thickness/dp/B00T9D680U/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 I'm 2 of these, but if they don't work out, I'll shell out the extra money for the noctua https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-NF-A12x15-PWM-Premium-Quality-Quiet/dp/B071W6HJP6/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1547503624&sr=1-3&keywords=noctua+120+slim I just really don't like the brown look, since they will be visible from the outside and all my other fans are ml120's from corsair
  15. ...do I need to cut into my case to exhaust a 120mm fan effectively? I'm asking minimum size. I know 4 1/2 is the actual size, but could I get away with 4 1/4? I just don't want to spend 40+ dollars on a hole saw when I can get a kit that goes to 4 1/4 for $20 locally. I want a good looking hole, so I am not going to use a dremel or similar hand tools. I'm just no good with them, the lines alway come out wavy or just not pretty. TLDR; Is a 4 1/4" hole big enough to pass air effectively for a 120mm case fan. Thank you.