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  1. Thinking of replacing my keyboard and mouse in a bit, but thanks for the info! Good to know for future modding projects as I will probably come up with something fun to do with with my next keyboard as well
  2. Thanx bro! Glad I could help It's been so long since I made this, I thought the tread died a long time ago... (sorry for extremely late reply) Hope you were satisfied with the result! Still use mine still no problem with it, adhesive still holds up nicely after 2 years. Hope you're having a nice weekend!
  3. Yeah, me too.... Tried wrapping a keycap just for fun, didn't end up looking very pretty tho
  4. Oh yeah lol, accelereation increased significantly
  5. mayby 45 minuts, removing all the buttons and cleaning the keyboard takes half the time
  6. .... Soo CHDSK just viped my 3tb mass storage drive ... I was backing up some data, moved a HDD from my NAS to my PC, disconnected one drive to be able to connect another drive. Restarting my PC to get the drive I just connected to show up, and when the PC booted up CHKDSK wanted to check the drive (I didn't watch it closely enough to cancel in time). When PC booted up after running CHKDSK, the WD 3Tb I just connected, had been assigned the drive name of the drive previously connected to that SATA port. In short -> I disconnected ":1TB#1" -> connected ":WD3Tb"
  7. And sorry to mods if this is in any way found offensive, I assure you I have only the best intentions. And what is being said in the video is what I am trying to find out, this being the only means I have of translating and thus understanding.
  8. Hey guys! So, a FB friend (unfortunately a Christian fundamentalist) posted a picture that I traced back to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ihbhbhFo7c Could one of you LTT-forum members that speak Arabic tell me what is happening in the video, as I don't understand anything. He seems to have something against Muslims, and I am trying to convince him that we are all equal. But in order to do so I am trying to understand wether or not the picture he posted is a hoax, and since I have the video I tought I'd try asking you guys for help. Thx in advance!
  9. Thank you for taking the time man! Really appreciate it! I'm interested in a card for gaming and not mining, but I assume what you wrote about crashing, overheating etc. still applies if an old mining card would be used for gaming? (even tough the GPU load when gaming usually is not as high as when mining) Have you (or anyone you've heard of) ever tried re-applying thermal paste, pads etc, to see if the artifacts crashes and so on, are realted only to the card runnig too hot? Or is it material fatigue, caused by high temp over long periods of time? Don't know the first thing about
  10. Hi guys! So I haven't been in the market for a graphics card in a while, so if theese questions have already been answered here, let me know (tried searching on the forum). 1. Would the 290x DCii waterblock, fit the a 290 DCii? (At least) EK makes a block, but I haven't been able to sort out if both cards have the same PCB layout etc. Read somewhere that the DCii cooler for 290x DCii, was recycled from the gtx 780, don't know if it's the same for the 290 non-x... 2. Found a good deal on 290 DCii, been used for mining a couple of months, hence the low price (cheaper than second h
  11. You, as a content creator could give a different perspective on the video quality of the gopro, perhaps a side by side comparison between the gopro and some of the cameras you guys have on hand. This is something I would be interested to see, in terms of color accuracy, sharpness etc.
  12. Any conductive material will do (steel, copper, iron, aluminum...), the "cage" term used, is what throws people off
  13. Was running Thermochill EC6 for about 2 years, clear tubing and clear coolant, no gunk, and nothing to clean out. Unless your loop runs EXTREMELY hot, I can see no reason why you'd need to change the tubing every 6 months, (unless maybye, if you buy the worst quality cheapo-tubing you can find). Aftet the 2 years the Masterkleer tubing I was using was still in cherry condition. Just my 2 cents...
  14. Ah, I see Still at 18W max including fans, I see no issue running pump with above mentioned adapter. At 12V( a relatively speaking "low voltage"), both the length of the wire, and the actual continous power draw decides the appropriate gauge, not the power draw alone. U = R*I (voltage= Resistance*Current) Considering how short the adapter wire is, at ~1.5 amps max, I hardly believe the resistance of the wire to be a security risk, even if the startup current would be greater than 1.5 amps. If the length if the adapter wire were longer, say 3 feet, or the power draw was the same, but at
  15. I assumed the OP would run the pump with a molex connection if it had one? Then that cable would not be needed. And if he's running prefilled, than the gauge of that cable can hardly be "way under gauged" comapred to the copper on the mobo supplying the current to the pump and fan(s) under normal use. IF however OP's running say a Laing D5, the situation would be different, but to my knowledge there has never been any D5 or any other high performance pumps with 3-pin fan connectors, since they'd instantly fry the mobo fan header. // as always, feel free to prove me wrong