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  1. My brother was saying a Intel compustick but you cant upgrade it in the future. I looked at the NUC, seems like a good option but still you cant upgrade the CPU
  2. DrMacintosh it' not that, she's 58 years old and not willing to change her habits or learn a new operating system. All she knows is Windows and Firefox.
  3. So my mom wants me build her a pc for under 1000$. The only thing she wants it to do is surf the web, but the way she sure is to have 3 internet browsers open with about 30+ tabs open at once. Her laptop cant handle it and freeze up and dogs out. Whould a Ryzen build be the way to go?
  4. #ROGRigReboot ill tell you this im not a content creator but i am a gamer and the last big title i was able to run was Diablo 3.
  5. budget: i was hoping to stay under 2000$ canadian without a monitor. CPU: the Kaby Lake 7700K is what i was leaning to b/c it seems like it'll do everything i need and more, also the extreme edition is to expensive. the Ryzen line, from what ive herd, isnt all its cracked up to be.
  6. i havent even thought about a case yet because i dont want to limit what i put in it. as for a CPU, i want a Intel i7 but haven't decided witch one yet (b/c there is a huge price range and ill be buying one part a payday). WiFi dosent matter to me.
  7. Help. on the ASUS website theres about a hundred different motherboards just defined by letters (Z270I, H270F, B250F), they dont say what are the differences are, every discription reads the same. i dont know what would be the best for me (gaming, streaming, web surfing, ect). ive never built a computer from scratch but it seems like it would be fun and cost efficient. Thanks for the help