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  1. Dude thanks for the reply there! Initially when I see it first I wanted to also reply but at the time I thought I'd give in an informational reaction to your reply but all and all you are delivering helpful information I just messed Fedora up few days ago after around 3 days of fine use lol, I have this issue of grub filesystem error and so far I am not able to recover it yet again (testdisk have failed the second time, there was a time before this I messed up but able to recover it with said program but the /dev/sda3 the partition that Fedora is on has 0 literal bytes left...)
  2. Hello everyone I hope you all have a good day and stay safe So I just attempted to install Fedora to an Asus core i3-2330M laptop which that laptop is usually for my school duty n' stuffs and bearing 2GB of RAM, all and all it's on a 500GB HDD in which I still have Windows 7 before... Before tho it was flawless enough and now at the time of writing not (submitting) I'm currently on 'Installing software 100%' after resizing one of my Windows partition to give around 20GB ish of room for Fedora for now The question now is: 1. Can I gradually give in more
  3. Ah ok i got it. Right probably getting some extra joycons would help for the far times ahead. Thanks there for helping out!
  4. Ahh man i remember playing the wii version with my buddy who has it back then... So the Mario Kart 8 has a local multiplayer huh, i didnt know that. That is one other game to get. Also the $421 is really the plain regular V2 switch package without any game bundles, so i have to get the game cards then? By the way there rarely are anyone who sells the game cards near me.
  5. So mostly other than gaming you have those online video services? How about mainstream social media? Say discord? Ah well its easier to get the physical copy it seems to me. Not that I am not able to figure out how to do that in the eShop but just nice to have the physical copy, and yea just more convenient for the time. So I guess it is with the BotW bundle then.
  6. Is it that small game cartridge? If so then great, but can that cartridge be used for installing the game to other switches as well? Well 275 UK money huh, im at Indonesia. Its kinda the average prices here. But most of the people here dont really get into nintendo gaming as much so theres like 50 claimed by one of the seller i found online. Oh also since one of the points of the switch is local multiplayer any games that are fun enough to have? Both from paid category and free
  7. Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by my question I'm planning to buy a V2 Switch regardless of what the rumored Pro has, since the Pro doesn't have any rumors that's as clear as when someone makes leaks of the S20 or the PS5. And for that plan I'm new to the Nintendo guild as I've never owned any Nintendo console before The reason I want to buy it are the games, Breath of the Wild to be exact and be able to share with my little sister with its noticably much improved battery than the V1. Huh it was great skipping the V1. The bare V2 without any games costs
  8. potential for psu content i think, what about best diy test bench setup without being dusty as usual test benches
  9. wow much restrictions, at least if for any reason i have a Civic like that i wouldn't be doing anything illegal for my aero parts, and just leave the main features of a car like point number 5, 6 be it the 5 zigen piston and rod in these things are astonishing too, a sleeper version of these could be a well hid firepower
  10. I kinda feel bad and sorry for those posts that's about giving help to their problems but end up just roaming to other posts


    that's me thinking that i'm knowledgeful, arghh

  11. oo, the R5 laptop could play some heavy mod 1080p Most Wanted05 i guess. i can't get my head off from the value that it has, a full fledged 512GB SSD not a SSHD bs here, and that 1080p IPS at the price.. What about a 1650 laptop? it's not that far off from the price of this Lenovo and what SSD (M.2 and 2.5" form) to get then?
  12. has anyone known anything about this global time attack record car? just curious what exterior parts makes this civic illegal for street use in your country (other than headlights that i've seen in other times have been swapped by a carbon remake)? are any of the aero parts making it illegal? downloadfile-1.bin
  13. umm Im guessing because it's far from minimum spec furthermore the recommended spec...? it's fine tho if you're not vibing to type the reason yet, I kinda understand what it feels like to explain a long reason so once again im ok Does the Acer Predator above, meets the optimal experience? If yes I could step up (need some time as well..) to those Ryzen H series mobile Processors with GTX 1650s like the Asus TUF series, and a decent SSD as most of those Laps doesnt have HDD at it's base models Thanks for the reply
  14. Welcome to the post, need help picking a laptop pls I live in Indonesia, if you need grasp of my currency value then im gonna compare a price of this laptop in US (Acer Predator Helios 300) to my region's price (also USD's value to my currency just got up from usual) Acer Predator Helios 300 i7-9750H 6c/12t GTX 1660 Ti 144Hz 1080p 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD in Amazon US $1129 The same frikin laptop here convert to USD $1396 Adding insult to injury, this acer would be called hard for the average people here to afford, for scale i've heard my f