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  1. When they reply if it helps I can state your name as the sender (that may get you some sort of merit for bringing them business?)
  2. Currently, my homelab is just a hobby, I have a cash flow (whilst its pretty poor atm due to the fact I shut down my company) but yes I am looking into turning this into a business and I will most certainly look into the HPFS!
  3. Like i stated, the side panels are waiting arrival; they would not fit in our car. The Jaguar XF boot is big but the opening is tiny
  4. Thats just the annex in my office? There is also a bed, a desk and an ensuite.... taking residents now <3
  5. Ignore the syndicate original posters in the back.....
  6. I can get on but the side panels are currently not on it... 2 mins
  7. I’m going to be getting quite a bit of new equipment in the next week and I’m just wondering if there are any sort of cheaper sound deduction tips out there. Like sound cancellation foam on the walls, not too expensive specialty fans, that kind of thing. [+] My cabinet is 24u 19", and has a depth of 1005cm. Currently, I only have a Dell PowerEdge 1u server and a switch installed. Thanks in advance!
  8. ended up going for a 24U 19" 4 cabinet from USystems, 210 GBP, and a Dell PowerEdge R610. 2x Quad Core X5560 2.8GHz 48GB RAM x4 1TB Drives. Thank you for the help!
  9. I already have a Business line for personal use and a Virgin Media Business Broadband 200 Package being setup within the next week. When I started funding as a limitation It's not a limitation in the sense of lack of yet we want to focus on setting this up on a smaller budget (most for the money) instead of high price high performance. Secondly, this is less of price projects, we've always been interested in networking and want this as a personal learning experience at the moment, as I most likely didn't state clear enough, the migration of our client sites will be later on in a year/ year and
  10. Hey people! I am fairly new to the forums, yet I have a few years of experience with building PCs. Yet on the other hand, when it comes to servers I'm a big noob when it comes to selecting the correct products. I really don't know as much as I would need to in order to feel comfortable spending the amount of money I'm about to without some help designing/picking this rack. So my end goal will be to host my client's websites (currently I rent a server). The servers I will be looking to purchase are as follows: Gigabit Switch Storage/Raid Server Main server for control of th
  11. Yeah I realized, been trying to find a 12-20U server rack deep enough for switches and data servers... Any suggestions would be really helpful! <3
  12. Well, I intend to most likely run LAMPS off of the server so that I can teach myself more PHP. Secondly, I just want to have the experience of the different components. My upload and download is decent (I have included an image of the average results I usually get.)
  13. O sorry about that, new to the forum!
  14. Im yet to get a reply from the seller on that question but ill post when i get a reply!