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  1. ok thanks dose unraid handle this defiantly
  2. so I'm currently trying to set up a True Nas NAS which i will admit now I'm very new to it all I currently have 5 4TB hard drive which i was panning to run in a ZFS z2 which should give me 12TB of useable storage I think? but I was wondering in future can I add more drive to it as the case I'm using support up to 8 drives so in a years time can I add 3 more 4TB drive to have 24Tb of useable storage or dose it not work like that thanks
  3. So i recently brought 2 Seagate barracuda 4tb internal drive which I have had for about a week and when i went to boot my computer this Moring i got my motherboard reporting a smart error with one of the drives so i download Seagate drive diagnostic tool and it came back as fine so I try to move some file to and from the drive and they were fine the drives is not getting hot and sound fine as well so i was wondering what to do should just ask to retune the drive the reason I’m asking here as I haven’t come across these Seagate S.M.A.R.T. error before Thanks and please for give the co
  4. ok thanks so am I losing like 15% or something more like 2-3% performance
  5. so i recently upgraded to a ryzen 5900x which is paired with 64GB 4x16GB 3200Mhz CL16 ram ( I know 64GB is overkill for most thing) and i was doing some more reading and quite a lot of people suggest going with 3600Mhz ram so i was wondering would it be worth the Hassel of return the ram and buying 3600mhz ram to replace it or is the difference in performance not worth the effort thanks
  6. is this read/write speeds about right for WD blue 4tb 5400rpm as it seems slow
  7. so i can't get any driver to work for the adapter i've tried the ones people recommended from microsoft update catalog but i just get them to work and i get this error if i force an install (This device cannot start. (Code 10)) i'm assuming maybe the problem is this is the mini adapter and not the original one microsoft put out just wondering can anyone point me in the right direction thanks
  8. so I swapped out my thermal paste today and now my bios look like this any suggestions?
  9. ok thanks i will probably go see them at some point and ask
  10. so my problems is as a present i got given a google home but I’m currently in university accommodation so i have to use the university provided wifi/network but they use a captive-portal network on their wifi so i can’t connect it and also i don’t think connecting a google home to public wifi is adviseable so I need to create my own network for the googel home I thought about using something like a travel router in bridge mode but checking the university termes and condition it sied these are prohibited so my question is can you make a travel router invisible to a network administrator or is t