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    yathis got a reaction from joeyhawkins76 in Hey guys! I found Linus's Lamborghini!   
    I think Linus has money, he is smart enough to not flaunt it, nor show it publicly. Just hides it.
    I know a few people like that actually, millionaires who when they walk into a automobile dealership, they dont get prompt service, and are overlooked. Family owned all the land in a small town, I ski raced with their son. Family still lives there actually. Multi millionaires, and they dont look like it at all. They look more like red necks.
    I find that lambo fucking ugly to tell you the truth.
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    yathis got a reaction from Ben17 in What's up with LTT views?   
    It is because Linus is using such cheesy video thumbnails its getting ridiculous actually.
    I am waiting for a stupid WAN show thumbnail, but its always a desk view. Nothing added except title. No dumb INTENTIONAL facial expressions. No added after the fact expressions, where its not even in the video itself.
    Another factor is Linus is diluting his video's too much. Which is why I get the 3 channel theory. But even in the main one its diluted.
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    yathis got a reaction from Dobby240 in Stock shares   
    You best go to a trading forum then a bunch of geeks living in mommies basement type forum.
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    yathis got a reaction from mohajem in Measuring loudness in reviews   
    It wouldnt really take up too much space really.
    Not sure how much that sound isolation foam would cost.
    L-man could probably get sponsored and get it for free.
    He did for that server room fabric.
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    yathis got a reaction from PeterT in Experiences with non-techies   
    Confuse 'em more by saying the interweb, or intranet, or extranet, or ethernet, or wan, or lan, or or or or or or or or
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    yathis got a reaction from Tharkz in Furry Thread!   
    I saw a "furry" on Canada's Border Patrol
    Guy was coming up from Seattle on the bus and was wearing some sort of tail. Of course the agents would look into the odd ball even closer.
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    yathis got a reaction from Canada EH in LTX 2017 - What is Linus angry at?   
    But his face is mad in the LTX, what is he mad or angry at?
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    yathis got a reaction from Canada EH in Am I allowed to speak/ask about ROOT and custom roms on Android?   
    It is the biggest market in the world, where everyone strives to sell their products. But I am guessing the other half is from other countries, so to pick one currency usd the world knows.
    To tell you the truth, I dont think LMG really likes Canada that much as I have never seen anyone at all ever wear a fucking poppy. Business men of multi-million dollar companies wear poppies, all the way down to bums sleeping on the streets of Vancouver. I bet theres a bum right now camping out across the street from LMG World Domination HQ in the field and no doubt he wears a poppy. Its something thats been bugging me, and sure its put on the shit list of things they do/dont do, but hey it is what it is.
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    yathis got a reaction from Danny_UK in Savage Jerky shipping to Europe?   
    Why dont you just buy Jerky local to you and support your own community?
  10. Funny
    yathis got a reaction from Froody129 in "Never again" products   
    Just about every Toilet Paper there is, except for Charmin. I hate the way every TP always has little bits falling off, every TP except for Charmin that is. Its glorious to pay that extra bit for a superior product.
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    yathis got a reaction from 8uhbbhu8 in [Central] Food thread   
    You have guests?
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    yathis got a reaction from WAR Corporation in Is there any way to buy GTA V and not downloading it?   
    I know what you mean brother. When we bought Office 2010 from Bestbuy we were waiting on the cashier to hand us the Office 2010 package. But it was just a stupid ass fucking code on a fucking receipt. $100 for fuck all I tell ya. i like to have it in my fucking hands, not a bunch of number on a piece of paper. Its worthless to me.
    I'd love to buy tactile games, physical in hand games but the programmers are fucking lazy as shit. They dont want to ship the product to the store. I am triggered now.
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    yathis got a reaction from Helix_Exton in GTX 1080 Ti worth?   
    What? The OP did not even specify usage, so my statement is FACT!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh the OP edited and added the PS part.
  14. Funny
    yathis got a reaction from Evolution. in Nose hurts   
    Do you pick your nose?
    I do a lot and sometimes it will hurt, what I actually try to do sometimes is tear out an internal nostril hair, if I do that I feel I have accomplished a lot. When I pick my nostril I analyze the booger. Is it hard and compact, what color is it, whats the texture, is it moist or dry or gel like.
    I noticed a grown adult who looked kinda retarded pick her nose and lick/eat the snot. She was at the transit train door waiting to get off and I was right behind her trying to figure out if she was retarded when I saw her pick her nose and lick/eat it. Of course that sealed the deal. It was quite awhile ago, I think it was a combination of her looks and her clothing colors and neatness of how she dressed. Perhaps her shoe lace was undone too.
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    yathis got a reaction from itzzkolt in Ryzen 5 1600 VS Ryzen 7 1700   
    yes it is
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    yathis got a reaction from rhyseyness in Have you ever seen someone browse like this before?   
    Whats wrong with that?
  17. Agree
    yathis got a reaction from Princess Luna in how to support LTT better   
    Linus gets paid plenty guys, dont worry about him or his company.
    If anything just watch each of his video's 100% without skipping anything.
    Put it on autoplay so it loops LTT's Video library.
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    yathis got a reaction from Bensemus in Is linus media group owned by fullscreen network?   
    My feelings have been hurt.
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    yathis reacted to aisle9 in Guy on Kijiji who wants video card shipped, scam?   
    Don't do it. Massive scam. You'll lose your card and your money.
  20. Funny
    yathis reacted to Sags224 in Guy on Kijiji who wants video card shipped, scam?   
    Don't do it unless you can make him do friends and family
  21. Agree
    yathis reacted to Falconevo in Guy on Kijiji who wants video card shipped, scam?   
    scam 101
  22. Agree
    yathis reacted to jaffer in Guy on Kijiji who wants video card shipped, scam?   
    dont risk it, just sell locally
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    yathis reacted to JuztBe in Targeted advertising F&*ked me   
    You basically propposed to her with a youtube add, that's some next level shit man...
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    yathis reacted to Thunderpup in Targeted advertising F&*ked me   
    do an equal amount of searches for midget porn and ball gags.
    then casually let her see one of those ads.
    It will make her forget all about the engagement ring advertisements. 
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    yathis reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Targeted advertising F&*ked me   
    You could also try private browsing whenever you're looking for something you don't want others to know about