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  1. Hi, as some of the long time viewers of LTT might now there was a video about mining crypto with harddrives; Burstcoin. Now that crypto is back this topic is getting interesting again, mostly because burstcoin does not use graphics cards, cpu or asics but just plain old hard drives. I would like to start mining burstcoin because it seems te be quite profitable now and is gaining a lot of popularity, the only thing is the mining hardware. Hardrives aren't that difficult to get and there are enough websites that crawl amazon products and calculate the cheapest drive ($ per TB). The
  2. Good question, I'am not sure about HDR you could try setting it via the Nvidia control panel; that is how I got 4k 120zh working.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Display-Emulator-Compatible-Windows-fit-Headless/dp/B07C4TWZRM I would reccomend buying one of these things and plugging it in like a second monitor. It tricks your gpu into outputting a 4k image that can be streamed to your tv. It is basically a virtual monitor.
  4. Yes I see, looks cool but yeah probably fake.
  5. What probably happends is that windows update thinks it has a better driver than is currently installed and tries to update it. This can happen when you have a non oem driver installed. I would suggest installing the offcial driver from acer, those will not automatically get update by windows update thus not create the problem again.
  6. Your findings are correct, you IPS modem only makes the connection to the outside network (wan) and your own router is going to have to do the rest (the internal network). It sounds like you are missing an dhcp server, maybe you can find this setting on the router. What isp do you have and what router would you like to use?
  7. https://youtu.be/sBeI30ccb6g Just came across this, how cool is that. Curious to see what hardware it actually is and how they managed 1024 logical cores. Also what kind of software did they use for this.
  8. 3 years ago this video: https://youtu.be/nJ4ea5NNqcg went up on the LTT channel, it was about a (then) small crypto currency Burst which is mineable with acces harddrive space. Instead of continius hashing like SHA it uses your harddrive (or ssd) to read pre done hashes. This makes it really efficient and transaction costs really low. On april 24th there is a update of the blockchain planned, this will improve the network a lot and make it ready for real use and a lot of troughput. With this announcement the populairity started rising again and a lot of people started mining again.
  9. something like this, it can get quite difficult and you need to be quite fast.
  10. Very annoying problem cant believe they didn't fix it yet. When I was upgrading and repairing macs I had this problem so often. They only way to resolve it is to use an other mac to format the disk in disk utility. Disk utility in the recovery just doesn't seem to work well. If that doesn't work try formatting it first in an other file system (exfat or fat 32), sometimes after that worked it will allow you to format it for mac os.
  11. I used to have a similar problem with my old computer, it turned out to be the 24 pin connector. There are four pins that are optional and can be removed from the connector, these weren't plugged in completely and caused instability. I would recommend reseating everything. I used to run my computer on a not grounded outlet, and didnt experience any problems so I dont think that your problem.
  12. Sounds like a gpu problem. I have experienced similar issues when using a amd gpu on chinese boards like these. I'm not sure why it happends but is seems to be a problem with pcie power management. Try using DDU to uninstall you gpu driver. If that doesnt work just reinstall windows 10 .
  13. Hi, I'm looking for weeks now but can't find one traffic control game on steam. I wanted to use this for a challenge with friends but ended up doing it on a android tablet because there was one in the play store: https://goo.gl/ceNLBu . Hope some of you know one or have seen one. Thank you!
  14. It would make a little bit of a diffrence ig, but I reallt dont think doing it would be worht the hassle to install or unintall your cpu when its mounted like that.
  15. Hi, So I'm planning on making a video about Deliberately increasing you ping to obtain a advantage in a online multiplayer game. Ofcourse this doens't work. I did some digging and wanted to show everyone one and for all that this doen't give you any advantage. The problem is, to make the video I wanted to show 4 diffrent pings. 1. my normal ping to the server about 8ms 2. a longer but still quite decent ping of 30 3. a quite bad ping of 100 4. and a really bad ping just to show. But the problem is, I could't find ant way to do this. Is there any way h
  16. Linusmediagroup.com I actually never saw this site before, and me as LTT fan needed to shine some light on it. Doesn't it look gorgeous. Btw please update this to feature techlinked: https://www.linusmediagroup.com/channels Never knew Linus media group was a production agency and funny to see the quotes from their sponsors. I would really recommend taking a look.
  17. Hi, I just bought an old lga 775 board and wanted it to use for a simple smart mirror. The board doesnt have any build in grafics so i wil need a GPU. I'm looking for the cheapest option with an vga output. I saw some vga cards but i'm not sure if theyu are the same as an gpu, do they have build in grafics or not?
  18. Hi, I just build a pc with a 9700k and a gigabyte auorus z390 pro, it's working great and paired with my gtx 1070 ti it's real nice. There's only one problem, when intel announced the z390 chipset they added integrated wifi and bluetooth (not optional, as can be seen in picture). How could i enable this. Just to be clear, i don't have a w of wifi motherboard, but as intel's chipset has this by default, how could i get this working? Thank you very much
  19. Thankyou for you reply, I didn't get a very fast vps and i only want to run one program, that syncs two could accounts. Would running hyperv with windows 10 hurt my performace a lot?
  20. Hi, I just bought a vps with windows server 2016. I didn't think there would be a problem with programs not wanting to install on windows server. How could i solve this issue. There isn't a server version of the program. What could I do?
  21. Thank you very much, i don't know how this happened and I also can't reproduce it on my desktop. But even after a clean instal on my laptop i'm still facing the same issue. I think I'm dealing with some "haunted hardware" as Linus would say.
  22. Hi, As usual I was just listening some music and then I saw this nightmare. I don't know if it's just me but i really can't handle this. It's quite funny though how nobody at microsoft tested this. It's probably due to dpi scaling and stuff because i'm using a Dell XPS 9370 with 4k display.
  23. Thank you, that might be a great option.
  24. Because my game saves are saved in program data
  25. Yes i tried using that, it works great. But as soon as you want to backup program files or any files that need admin rights it wont work anymore.