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  1. some application were installed and uninstalled thats it.... have already tried what you have suggested ... issues still prevails
  2. I have connected a PC that I am using for simulation and another laptop for giving commands via a wifi. Initially the setup worked perfectly fine but now I am experiencing the laptop sometimes doesn't sends or receives any packet and the connection is stuck. I am not able to send any command or recieved any input from PC. When i disable and enable the wifi adapter it starts working but after sometime the same issue creeps in. Any suggestion why this is happening? I have made my IP address static in case it was IP hopping whenever I re-connected.
  3. I am in IOWA, US. I have monitor and other peripherals. I am not doing rocket science simulations and modeling just normal data flow analysis of air crafts. I have office PC so that works but in my spare time I wanna have a machine that can do stuff so CPU I was down to 8600k and 2600x but confused after that.
  4. I am planning to build to build new PC for the first time, till now I have invested in laptop as I am generally on the go. My Dell has given up on me and I have Mac-book for general use but need PC for simulation, modelling and lite MOBA and FPS gaming. Confused between 2600x and i5-8600/K, along with which motherboard to pick. I guess AMD bought competition with chaos. Can't decide need help!!! Ballpark for build would be around $800. And yes I have watched all the tutorial and reviews but in my experience review sometimes vary than the actual real-time use. So input would be extremely v
  5. But I am talking about mobile version ..... Discrete GPUs have enough material oth there bit mobile version .. naah not much
  6. oops then 1050ti 4GB ONE laptop is MSI while other is Asus ... specs are almost same with 10603/6 GB being main difference and price difference of $249
  7. How does 1060 3GB stack against 6GB in laptop ? Does more VRAM amount to more performance/price ratio ? For how does 1060 3GB stack against say 1050ti 8gb.
  8. What is the cheapest 1060 laptop ? and is MSI GT62VR(1060) better than ASUS GL 502VM and ACER predator 15 ?
  9. Well initial RX graphics cards were tossed for lagging too behind Nvidia but after 2-3 months on the market and new drivers update they actually pumped 15-20 fps. So there might possibility for that in here ?
  10. Ryzen perform very well in multi threaded benchmarks and most of rendering and synthetic benchmarks all across. But when it comes to gamin we are seeing a mix bag, at 1080p it lags way behind whereas at 4K its neck to neck. Is it due at 4K cpu becomes bottleneck and GPU takes over or its just because of optimization of intel is better than AMD ryzen. I also read in an thread somewhere that AMD has reponded to the low gaming bechmarks because games are most often developed kept intel based chips into picture because as we all know AMD was all lost in that market. Also AMD spokes person said tha