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    ArduinoBen reacted to LinusTech in How much does LMG make from sponsors?   
    We have about 25 people on staff between LMG and Floatplane Media.
    They all make more than minimum wage. 
    We are profitable (not over-extended) on top of that. 
    You can probably run some rough numbers based on that if you cared
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    ArduinoBen reacted to Vishera in What drives do you use?   
    Also since those 840 EVOs are probably MLC drives - I guess that they still have a lot of time left until they die.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to Oshino Shinobu in What drives do you use?   
    I've had the 840 EVOs for years, they were carried over from an old build. Most of my storage is on the server anyway so very little gets stored locally on the drives. 
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    ArduinoBen reacted to jaslion in Thermal Throtting/Low FPS/FPS drops   
    Did you ever clean your laptop out from dust with some compressed air?
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    ArduinoBen reacted to GenericFanboy in Using Print screen key to screenshot whole screen instead of LWIN + Printscreen with or without auto hot key   
    printscreen already makes a screenshot of the whole screen. It just doesnt save it in files. If you press ctrl V after pressing printscreen you'll see
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    ArduinoBen got a reaction from Ben17 in How many GB do I need for a boot drive SSD   
    If you want to go cheap and only have the OS.  around 30 Gigabytes.  However, you want good performance, so I'd opt for an SSD which is around 400 Gigabytes, then have like a 2 terabyte hard drive for all my video files, et cetera.....
    Plus a 3 terabyte backup drive which is stored somewhere else, like at the office or your mom's house.
    *Yeah, so that would be a pretty optimal storage configuration.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to Enderman in Looking for light weight, long battery life, high performance laptop for college, 3D rendering, light/medium gaming   
    For slim and light ones with long battery life? Nope.
    Stuff like the XPS15 and MBP start at much higher than $1000...
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    ArduinoBen reacted to Enderman in make expensive laptops look less expensive   
    Well... like 2% of people will even know what razer is, and I'm pretty sure most people who do know would much rather steal a macbook than a razer laptop.
    If you want to remove the ugly logo on the back then sure just put a dbrand skin on it or buy your own vinyl from amazon for cheaper.
    Also don't use the RGB backlight on the keyboard, just set it to white or off.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to Enderman in make expensive laptops look less expensive   
    People take $4000 macbook pros to school, why do you care?
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    ArduinoBen reacted to warrenr in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    Count me in as another fan of Anthony's contributions to LTT. 
    Even this thumbnail is just great. 

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    ArduinoBen reacted to Bitter in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    As someone else who was never popular I know compliments are hard to take without skepticism, but while I can't speak for others, I do genuinely appreciate your participation on these forums and your work in the videos. The back and forth doesn't come off as patronizing or smug, I think it helps move the video along in a good way. It shows two different approaches, the 'just dive in head first' and the 'thoroughly researched' approach. Both are valid, both work and get results, both are entertaining to see. Thank you for what you do.
    Liquid cooling is fun, I think you should build a few loops and experiment and see what works and doesn't work. I'm actually getting back into it now after a decade with a very old school Koolance case and gold plated waterblock (bling bling). I'll make a build thread when my $30 Xeon comes in and tag you in it so you can revel in the nostolgia as well. I'll try to take plenty of photos of the process of getting something from 20 years ago which hasn't had coolant changed in probably 10 years working and running again.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to GabenJr in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    This is a pretty surreal thread... I legitimately don't know what to say, I've never been that popular with much of anyone up until now(ish) - Certainly not through school. Thank you? ?
    That's basically how it goes. For those unscripted segments, I spend a bunch of time preparing and then get Linus to try and figure it out on his own. If/when it doesn't work, I take over. I think it's a pretty good dynamic, although sometimes I worry that it comes off as patronizing.
    I am so on that whenever we get our hands on some. NVDIMMs are super interesting to me, and the sample script I actually sent in with my job application was a Techquickie style video on universal memory - Things like MRAM, FRAM, Optane/3DXpoint, etc, and how we've kind of come full circle since using SRAM with a battery backup.
    I recall Linus mentioning in the phone interview "that's showing your age", but we're actually the same age. I'm just a giant geek.
    I'm not sure if I outrank Colton. We writers answer to Linus directly, so the hierarchy is a little fuzzy. I definitely have seniority over him though - He gets fired so often, he's basically always a new hire.
    I mean, I know a lot, yeah, but it's mostly random and I feel like I've forgotten a lot more. Most of the time, it's all about the research - Sometimes it's stuff I read in my spare time, other times it's stuff I'm researching directly for the video. I'm certainly no Steve Burke or Wendell, although it's good to have people to look up to as a role model - Kind of like an "I want to get there too" goalpost.
    This exactly. We all have our strong points and that's what's carried us forward from the 3.6 million subs we had when us writers started to the over 8.3 million today, although it's still surreal to me that I've been a part of that. One major weakness I have is in liquid loops - It's not something I ran into very often during my time in PC sales and repair in the mid 2000s - early 2010s. That's where Jake and Alex shine.
    Come to think of it, I don't think Linus has written an actual video in a while... Sure, he's got projects (like 6 editors), but most of the time that's vloggy stuff, not scripted or otherwise guided. He used to do all the phone reviews, but that's since been handed off to us, now, too.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    Same here. Besides knowing his stuff and sharing it without theatrics, he has a pleasant voice.
  15. Funny
    ArduinoBen reacted to Fin the Human in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    @GabenJr Could you fire Colton?
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    ArduinoBen reacted to trevb0t in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    Agreed, I like all of the dudes! I probably like James best in the build videos, because he's just plain good at it.
    (okay... okay there's a couple I struggle with. I won't call anyone out though.)
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    ArduinoBen reacted to lewdicrous in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    @GabenJr We love you!
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    ArduinoBen reacted to Imbellis in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    I agree. Anthony's videos don't feel clickbaity to me - they just feel genuine. He doesn't put on a show - instead, he describes the tech and its uses.
    Anthony seems able to find obscure tech that nobody has heard of, but still has it's useful niche. (In short, he does his research)
    I'm waiting for the day Anthony (Or somebody else) does NVDimms.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to trevb0t in LTT: I Love Anthony   
    Hey guys! 
    If anyone else feels like I do, they want to see more videos with Anthony.
    Something about his sage-like expressions while Linus watches tech fail to perform is HYSTERICAL to me.
    And after it fails and Linus is like, "Wait... Did this company NOT include this thing in their thing!?!?!?" Anthony has this smile and nod like, "You're right, and I knew it all along and never told you, because I dug ridiculously deep into this tech way before I wrote this episode. I just wanted to see if you could figure out why it doesn't work."
    Anthony, do more!
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    ArduinoBen reacted to Spotty in What is this Worth?   
    Why would price be high if no-one was buying them and supply was high? Market forces dictate that the price would go down.
    I think $250 for a 6700k is too high, especially when you can get a 8c/16t Ryzen 2700 for less.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to emosun in Best OS for slow laptop AMD 1500   
    well heres your issue

    the cpu is fast enough to run any os , even windows 10. it's not fast enough for almost any browser though. I'm quite surprised to see this slow of a cpu still being able to load youtube at all really. basically even with an os as light as windows FFLP , it's not enough to get native youtube playback to be normal. The cpu can play videolocally in vlc but doesn't have much power for youtubes native player and codec

    for anyone needing reference , this is the cpu in question


    it's seems to be roughly the speed of a pentium D which is just not enough anymore for basic internet usage
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    ArduinoBen reacted to BuckGup in Epic Games announces a slew of more EGS exclusives, including The Outer Worlds and Heavy Rain   
    Outer worlds and heavy rain torrents just spiked
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    ArduinoBen reacted to mxk in Game boosting for free?   
    It doesn't matter if you're getting paid, the point is, that they should take the time to get good at whatever ranked game you guys are playing. I took the time to get good at the video games I play, and if they care that much and have the time, they should invest into getting good. You're just a crutch.
    trust factor will save the day, go play danger zone.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to mxk in Game boosting for free?   
    Well at least you're not cheating, but that's still sad. Have fun boosting the retard only for them to drop back down because they're bad.
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    ArduinoBen reacted to mxk in Game boosting for free?   
    Whether you're the one boosting or getting boosted, it's really sad to see people paying to get into ranks they can't pay and people actually boosting people. I really hope you're not cheating to boost or having cheaters boost you.