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  1. I think If i turned Vsync off It might pump up to 70s
  2. I max out lol on this GPU and it's temp is 60 celsius when I turn Vsync on ... I just wanna check if the temperature this gpu running at is okay
  3. the problem is I can't boot the usb with the win on it
  4. that's why how to get it fixed ?
  5. I installed my windows on legacy but I want to reinstall it as UEFI when I chance the the option in the boot menu the bootable devices are gone and only IPv4(xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) and IPv6(xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) are shown and when one of them is selected I get "EFI Network 0 for IPv4(xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) boot failed " so how I get this fixed ? P.S. it's Lenovo z50 Laptop
  6. i3 4010u and 4 gigs of ddr3 gt 840m
  7. Okay thanks .. I'll keep that in mind
  8. 3340$ for a laptop :lol: I don't own a gold mine it's EGP divide it by 7.6 for $
  9. I'm planning to buy this laptop for my college. I'll us it for my programming projects and the normal laptop use.. will the i3 4th gen intel cpu will be fine ? .. Everything else in the specs is okay with me http://www.egprices.com/en/product/asus-tp500ln-cj142d-transformer-book-flip-notebook-pc-compume
  10. some say he dies some say he don't 2 comments above you so while the chances are 50 50 spoiler ain't working :v
  11. spoiler is about what will happen during the escape this just about good,happy,bad ending
  12. will he escape with his brother or his brother will get killed ?
  13. I don't want spoilers I just wanna know if they will break from the prison in the first season or not ?
  14. between these 2 GPUs which is higher in performance and with 500 watt high quality seasonic PSU can SAPPHIRE TRI-X R9 280X work with no problems ?
  15. alphabeta

    25 ms

    **Cough Cough**
  16. alphabeta

    25 ms

    is 25 ms really bad for gaming ? and if it's what does 25ms (5ms GTG ) mean ?
  17. but still they are in the same universe
  18. So I played batman arkham origins and watching Arrow series, In the game R'as wanted bruce wayen to be R'as El ghul while in arrow He wanted Oliver Queen So according tot he comics or DC universe in general what's true ?
  19. I have a WD 1TB black which the OS in on and I'm gonna buy a 2TB secondary one to install games on it so should I buy WD Green or Seagate Barracuda ?