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  1. It says intel (r) core(tm)2 quad cpu q8300@ 2,5ghzz
  2. Hi, what is this motheboard that I found at home called? Appreciate serious replies thanks.
  3. Asus prime z390-P 1000 GB M.2 SSD med NAND 3D-teknik I should have wifi with these components right?
  4. It's so I can play my nintendo switch games on the pc instead for better graphics. I wanna play my breath of the wild on the pc with 40k 60fps
  5. Nah, it's just an emulator. Not even trying to run a game.
  6. Okay I am getting super tired of this now. I have installed latest version of .net framework whatever that is and everytime I am trying to play certain games I am getting similar errors to this: I can't do anything, like everything is undoable because of this. How can I fix this ? I would really appreciate help thank you.
  7. Hmm, well I'l get many games. f1 2019 Forza (lates) Project cars 2 Any other good multiplayer simulating race games?
  8. Hmm well I can get both games. Alright thanks. That's pretty alright. 2070 would be fine then.
  9. Like I wanna race people online. So The f1 2019 game I believe right?
  10. I'm guessing 1920x1080 but what do you mean which sim racing? Like you mean which game?
  11. Hi, I wanna start playing sim racing with a steering wheel and everything. What gpu would be sufficient to play on mid/high graphics never below 144fps? Appreciate all replies. Thanks.
  12. Sorry haha It was ther all the time.
  13. Could you compare it to one of the GTx cards please I am not familiar with the rx cards. Thanks
  14. I can't find any comparisons but I did found rumors saying that the new rx 5500 xt 8gb is equal to the 1080? Is that true?
  15. I cleared all chrome settings and its gone, I also added that and it seems to be fine. Thanks
  16. When I search on something in a browser it first shows me the google results like this: But after like 5 seconds it refreshes automatically and this comes up: This is extemely frustrating, I don't wanna use yahoo it fucking sucks the company should fucking close down. Their searchs are inaccurate and now someone hacked me to force me to use their crappy software. I downloaded malwarebytes but it won't detect anything!? And look at my search engine settings in chrome: I deleted everythng that is named yahoo