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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600 af 3.2 ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock b450m-hdv r4.0
  • RAM
    16gb g.Skill 2666MHz
  • GPU
    Inoo3d 1650 super twin x2 oc
  • Case
    Genesis titan 750
  • Storage
    Kingston a400 240gb(system)
    Seagate barracuda 2tb 7200rpm(storage)
  • PSU
    Fsp si series 700w 50arn 88% efficiency
  • Display(s)
    Aoc 24g2u/bk 24" 1080p 144hz
  • Cooling
    X5 120mm Aigo DR12 rgb fans
  • Keyboard
    Redragon k552-rgb
  • Mouse
    Asus Rog gladius ii core
  • Sound
    Steelseries artic 1
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 home

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  1. Wait for the reviews of 2100 and then decide
  2. She's a regular user, some phone calls, texting, what'sapp, maybe 2-4 YouTube videos per day, fb, messenger, all on mostly 4g. And yeah battery isn't that great on note 20 ultra
  3. It says do it on 8t but seeing numbers on 8 its like
  4. It's not much of a difference between 120 and 90 hz, tested the nord side by side whit mines and it's not that noticeable. Agree whit u that 8t is newer. Ahh....
  5. Look out for new exynos processors, maybe it's wiser to wait for new note, but on current track record, it's unknown how they will turn out. P.s I think starting from s9 series exynos samsungs all have been trash in battery life(notes included) , so be careful.
  6. If u don't want to be soiled by 120hz than go for note 10, and if 5g is not ur thing than go for 4g models. Notes 20 ultra battery is bad, my gf has it and she can bearly get 5 hr of sot(120 hz on, exynos version, med brightness), s20 exynos series has bad battery life, had my self and s20 and battery bearly lasted 3hr so yeah. Of course note 20 ultra will be better than 10 invalmost anyway, but battery is problem, don't watch reviews, because they only feature notes whit SD in them!!! I would rather buy phone whit SD processor,than note whit exynos, my personal opinio
  7. I'm allready using phone whit 120hz,only its whit miui and it's full of bugs, that's why I want to get rid of it. So in your opinion 8t is a better buy, yeah I know it hard to find good curved protectors, but it's possible Tnx for your opinion
  8. So I'm on an hard choice between oneplus 8 and 8t. Contestants are: 1. Oneplus 8 12/256gb Interstellar Glow for - 635 euros 2. Oneplus 8t 8/128 aquamarine green for - 635 euros Pros for 8: 1. more ram and memory 2.90hz eats less battery 3.more premium look, because of curved glass Pros for 8t: 1.120 hz display 2. Faster charging 3.bigger battery(tho 120hz will eat that difference) 4. Comes whit newer Android out of the box(so probably will get 1 major update more than 5. One more came
  9. I have Huawei free Buds 3i, very good buds, sound is great, good bass if interested in that, I like the design, have ipx4 waterproof, good battery life(tho no wireless charging) and price is very good, Got mines when they came out for 80 euros. Have no regrets buying them.
  10. Ahh yes it would be wise to buy 8 then, for proofing, but in general I have never even used more than 10 gb of phones memory even in 64gb models, but than again I always have used phones whit SD cards slot and SD card currently have 32gb card for local backups
  11. No, didn't like fe, and 5g variant is 250 more than regular and oneplus 8 or 8t So it's more to design of phone on 8 or 8t, sadly can't touch either of them, because no store in my region has them in display(only nord lineup is). What about updates, 8t I guess will get one more android major update over 8,cuz it Android 11 out of the box. Well I have found oneplus 8 12/256 for 635 euros and 8t 8m128 for 635, same price but duble storage for 8. Those are the cheapest options in stores
  12. Yes software on poco is shit, have many bugs, and Im not a man of doing other roms too lazy for that. Easyer is to buy new phone, I liked curved edges on S20, if they are the same. They are so similar that it's hard to choose.