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    Belfast, United Kingdom // Adelaide Australia
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    Music Production, VR Programming, Bordercollies
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    CTO DRM Genysys Engine
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    Software/Aerospace Engineer


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    MSI x99 Godlike Gaming Carbon
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    32gb G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4
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    MSI GTX1080 Gaming X
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    NZXT S340 Source
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    1tb M.2 + 1tb SSD
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    Seasonic Platinum 750w
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    AOC 35" Ultrawide 100hz
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    EK DDC + 480mm Rad + EK FC1080 + EK Supremecy EVO
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    Corsair Strafe RGB
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    UAC 2 Zoom Audio DAC
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    Win 10, Ubuntu
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    MSI GS73VR

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  1. I think the guy I sold my GZE TA22 to still has it, the only problems with the RA/TA was the steel was quite rust prone (Aus delivered model). A mate had a RA28 form his dad, they'd repainted it from bare metal 3-4 times and rust always formed on the same spots, even after treatment. They are definitely something special though. The 2TGUE I put in second sounded so nice with the twin solex's
  2. That's what happens when you spend too much time counting the beans
  3. Starting to plan my next build once/if our business gets a bit healthier; Choice is a RA28, TA22 (I've had one before: 4aGZE, 2TGUE, 2T) or Datsun 240z... opinions? the Datto's almost look something special:
  4. Your braver than i am to do home head cuts, i'm afraid i'd turn out like:
  5. Yeah I used to use http://efestpower.com/index.php?ac=article&at=read&did=413
  6. I used Andis stuff on our Harrier Beagle when he was shedding like mad haha! Yeah beard stuff can be a PITA, I had mine almost biker beard length at one point, was hard to keep tidy and the trimmers weren't adequate enough. I've reduced the length due to the cost of a decent trimmer. The plugs weren't so much an issue as the battery connection was, I had to sketchily solder the lead back on one of them, and another i had to pop the case off to put the battery in my old vape battery charger to charge it (lost the charger as it was a little tiny small cable)
  7. I use a Phillips Beard trimmer series 3000 (~1 year now), been through 5 or so other brands in the last 4 years (I'm a digital nomad and travel around the world alot).. so far so good. Battery stays charged, the plastic bits don't snap easily like I've had on other brands.
  8. Is there news if it's been limited to only MySQL backed DB? or have they hit PSQL as well? honestly, I'm not surprised; I think people believe that there is a-lot more organization within companies with security and data, especially at the startup -> small stage, the amount of client DB we've had to clean & fix was astonishing when I started dealing with WP owners. More often than not, the database is exposed because companies are tied down with so much tech overhead and things get forgotten; solid reminder for ip whitelisting & tidying up at the end of the day..
  9. Anyone dealt with third party Authentication & Authorization providers for Client side access before? Wondering if i can use the persistent connection to keep the logged in client info, instead of rolling my own Auth layers & backing it via db.. or would i have to essentially duplicate the provider table and query my DB instead?
  10. Is anyone a freelancer here? i'm looking for tips for getting new clients, my expertise is fair niche (Elixir/Phoenix/React)
  11. Good Evening, I'm part of the development team for Elixium, it's a elixir based crypto currency we've been developing for awhile now. We're very close to launching our test net and we were scoping out ideas and thoughts from the engineering community about features, ideas and implementations people would want. This can be anything from the wallet side of things (my main forte) or the actual core side of things. I wont go over the main features etc as it's held in various documentation, but I'd love to hear feedback from people who have launched test nets to assess the t
  12. Hey everyone, Is their any up-to-date or current guides for youtube algorithms? even resources which go through the periodic changes would be sweet. I have a friend who would like to start content creation and looking for helpful tips. Thank you =)
  13. Hey everyone; We have setup a software engineering business roughly 11 months now running. We finally have a business space and have spare hardware as a result of RMA's etc. Our current setup is: Old gtx680 rig (old i7 with it) - used for menial tasks. My workstation: Ryzen 7 1800x 32gb Ram GTX1080 Nas: G4560 CPU 4x2Tb WD Red mITX Motherboard But as a result of RMA's from assorted systems we've had we have spare: Intel 6850K X99 MSI GODLIKE Gaming Carbon Motherboard Gigabyte Z270-HD3
  14. Good Afternoon, I'm quickly learning the ropes of AT Commands and Firmware for smaller devices such as routers and the me906s from Huawei. Has anyone on here ever dealt with programming firmware flashing for m2m modules and such? We have gathered that the updater tools place the device into MBIM and then PCUI, after that issues AT^GODLOAD and theoretically a 'cd-rom' should be accessible for the firmware writing, but we aren't sure what the protocol for the actual file transfer is.. Annnnnnnnnnnnnny help is appreciated =)
  15. given our communications framework were not far off that..or sending coded messages via roos