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  1. I performed the test and here are the results Apex: 1080 maxed Min 35 Max 61 Avg 53 Csgo 1080 maxed Min 0? Max 175 Avg 107 Fallout 4 1080 ultra Avg 60 Time spy 3811 Superposition 1080p medium 5447 Min 34 Max 45 Avg 45 Max temp 55c 1080p extreme Min 13 Max 19 Avg 16 Max temp 61c Everything is stock
  2. So I got a msi p106-100 and got it to work and I think it works great. But I'm lacking ways to compare to other systems to make sure it's performing well, what tests can I run. Cpu: ryzen 5 2400g Mobo: asrock b450m pro4 Ram: g.skill 16gb 3000mhz. Gpu: msi p106-100 HDD: WD green m.2 240gb Edit: Also I tried to use msi afterburner it runs the test but the max temp go to 51c all the time and after I try to save and apply any profile it resets to the defaults. Thank you for all the help
  3. I have the same problem that OP has but with a 2-in-1 windows tablet. Can I install it from USB stick too?