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  1. Never had Japanese Omron switches before.
  2. Does it have the same garbage switches? If yes, then stay far away. Don't even take it for free. It will be a paperweight within 6 months.
  3. This mouse isn't worth $10. It has a widely reported switch defect. My second one in the last 12 months has failed. The left-click double clicks on its own up to 25% of the time. Logitech cheaped out a few years ago and went with garbage switches on this model. The Proteus Core that I had for many years was perfect (with the old switches). Do not buy a Logitech product with switches from this supplier.
  4. That is incredibly low DPI. Most of the pros don't play at lower than 400 DPI.
  5. Why confuse the rabble with the facts?
  6. Boot into Windows Recovery and try to repair startup.
  7. Get a decent high impedance amp. I'd recommend Schiit on a medium budget.
  8. Why? What have you heard? What did my doctor tell you?
  9. The commonest problem is usually the drivers and/ or OS installation. How is your performance in other games?
  10. How will you parley your LIKES into real world currency? Is there an an exchange that offers $1 USD for 1 LIKE out there?