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  1. From 3000 series to 4000 at least the motherboard is able to support a 4000 (also good luck finding that cpu brand new at a good price)
  2. And that's the low end of the 1st gen, now check the mid end of 2nd gen or high end from 1st gen.
  3. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-3820-vs-AMD-Ryzen-3-1300X/m739vs3930 *micdrop*
  4. Or just buy a used motherboard with cpu like the ryzen 5 1400 with a b350 mobo from Asrock for example.
  5. Also if you want obviously and if you can upgrade to AMD (before the Intel fanboys get here i want to explain why) AM4 PLATFORM IS GOING TO END AT 2020, so if you buy a R7 1700 cheap, you can upgrade later just the cpu, because the am4 platform of the b350 x370 etc is still working with a bios update.
  6. Well i have a air cooler, so i don't really know, but i think there aren't disadvantages, also i saw a video with different mounting locations and all where the same. But for me i prefer a lot a 240mm (but a good one) more than a 360mm just because i want to keep my gpu cooled, and place some good intake fans in the front. At least for me that is actually my best choice, because i'm not going to do OC or a lot of it
  7. What is your actual GPU, also i think the best thing you can do is watch a video with the 1070Ti and a relevant (new) cpu like a i5 8400 with a 1070Ti and see the video of a 1070Ti with your i7.
  8. Ok, but you should just filling those fan places, and try to avoid the heat from that gpu, i think that 1080 being a founders edition is a problem, so you should better placing a 240mm up radiator, and some turbines at the front lol (but seriously try to avoid the heat from that gpu, or at least move the fan curve from that gpu).
  9. Silent silent i know there are like rubber bands for the keyboard for doing the keycaps do less noise and i know there are silent cherrys mx, but i use a red mx and they are pretty good for gaming, not typing.
  10. Also, i don't know if you are talking about your future build or actually your PC case can have a bottom fan.
  11. Well, i really don't care a lot for negative/positive pressures but for me the temps went down and worked a lot changing the stock cooler for a aftermarket one, and filling the pc with fans and the GPU moving those fan curves with GPU tweak from Asus
  12. I was thinking that, but i didn't know for sure.
  13. You just changed cpu, not hard drive or ram?
  14. Well, i think just moving the speed of the fans you are going to be ok, but you really want to equilibrate the pressure i think you should just get a 240mm from the upper place of the case.
  15. Interesting... Well i choosed red mx because thats actually what i am using, and it feels a lot better at least for gaming rather than membrane...