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  1. Hi, I've currently got a second router connected to my main router. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I need to do to keep the 2 networks separate and private? At the moment, regardless of which network you're connected to you can see every single device connected to both routers. I'm looking for a way where even if I was to run Fing on the main router's network, I would only be able to see the second router rather than every device that is connected to the second router as well as the second router itself. It's an Asus router with ASUSWRT if that's of any
  2. Someone today told me that using a dedicated switch connected to one of the router's ethernet ports is better than using the inbuilt ports on the router as it helps the router. They were telling me that it keeps the routers CPU usage lower as the switch does the routing for the connected devices which means the router only has to handle WiFi. Is this at all true? Thanks .
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any idea what the "cheapest" fibre router would be that has: VPN Client support built in (without having to flash 3rd party firmware) 802.11ac WiFi Gigabit Ethernet Ports (not 100mbps fast ethernet ports) I say "cheapest" because I'm still willing to spend a fair amount just would like to find the lowest cost option available. All the ones I've seen that do what I want are above $100 USD, but is that the price to expect for a router with these specs? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm due to stay at a hotel for a long time on a business trip and I'm looking for a device which allows me to take a single ethernet connection and make a small private network that is also protected via a VPN service. I was hoping that there was a router which someone knew of rather than a pfsense style solution (I'd much rather have a router on 24/7 than a dedicated machine). I've seen these cheap used Netgear VPN firewall router wifi "all in one" units on eBay but was wondering if anyone knows exactly what I need. Thanks
  5. Solved it: Turns out I was just being dumb and your point about the task manager helped me figure it out. I hadn't installed the Chipset Drivers which is why they were just showing up as generic CPUs. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Hi, They're dual Xeon 2648L CPUs. If I run Cinebench in Windows 7 or 10 then I have no problems with 100% CPU usage, so I'm pretty sure its something to do with Server 2016. I'll try another program and report back. Thanks On a side note, I've never used (or seen) an engineering sample before, is there speed limited or something?
  7. Hi, I decided to run Cinebench on my server but noticed that the CPU usage seems capped to 66%, does anyone know why this might be? I thought it was because of the Hyper-V instances running in the background but any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks http://i.imgur.com/tJdpcL3.png
  8. Thanks for that, it was what I was really hoping to hear. I chose the dual Xeon setup literally based on the maths that you've just done above as well as the fact that the total TDP of the lower power Xeons is still less that that of a high clocked i7.
  9. Hi, I've just built a dual Xeon workstation which has 2x eight core (16 thread) Xeon CPUs clocked at a rather low 1.8GHz. I've never used Premiere Pro as I've been using FCPX on my Macbook till now but was looking to make the switch. My question was, is my low 1.8GHz clock speed going to be a limiting factor when editing or will the 16 cores "make up" for it? Thanks
  10. Having used pieces of string and cable ties in the past I'm sure it's not that bad But thanks, I think that's the approach I'll take.
  11. Hi, Could you just clarify that you have the noctua fans where the airflow goes in through the intake of the first CPU then to the outtake of the first CPU directly in the the intake of the second CPU? If that's the case and the temps aren't affected too much then that's probably the route I'll take. Thanks
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGA_1356 It's also called Socket B2 but yeah it's a server use socket.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to put together a home server at the moment and have everything ready apart from the CPU coolers. I'm doing a dual Xeon build with the Asus Z9NA-D6 motherboard. It has LGA1356 sockets but they're really close together and so I don't know what cooler to get. I was planning to get something like the Arctic Freezer 13 or Freezer 7 PRO Rev.2 but don't think that they'll be able to fit together on the board and I'm trying to avoid a situation where the (hot) exhaust of one CPU is blown directly into the intake of the CPU next to it. If anyone has k
  14. Not quite sure if you're trying to just be a troll or not but that's hardly related to a question about what monitor to get. I already have an HP Z series workstation, this was purely a monitor related question.