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    ASUS Z97-K
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  1. This should be what you are looking for. This is the pinout of the fans on a SE316M1. This is the connector: and the pinout is as follows as far as I know: +---+------------+--------+ |Pin|Color |Function| +---+------------+--------+ | 1|Orange | 12V| | 2|Grey/Black | GND| | 3|Red | 12V| | 4|Blue | TACH| | 5|White/Yellow| PWM| | 6|Green | TACH| +---+------------+--------+
  2. Well thats what I tried but didn't come up with anything. As far as I know they deletet everything from their FTP.
  3. Yeah it is pretty hard to get the SPP iso, couldn't find any download for it either.
  4. I had the same problem with running Xen on the SE316M1, but didn't figure out a solution.
  5. The biggest SSD yet was presented by Nimbus Data. The ExaDrive DC100 holds up to 100TB of data in a 3.5inch form factor. It is mainly for datacenter and cloud use, but I bet Linus would love to get his hands on a few of these. Also the drive is very energy efficient, as it only uses 10W in idle and 14W when under load. It has a SATA 6G interface, and thus is limited to about 500 MByte/s read and write with up to 100k IOPS. Later there is supposed to be a variant of the drive with a SAS interface. The drive is rated at 2.5 million hours Mean Time Between Failures. Sources: http://ni
  6. A bit late to the party, but you may want to look at this thread: Its about the mainboard you have. I also have a SE316M1 and am using the mainboard with an ATX power supply and normal 4pin PWM fans, so if you have an futher questions feel free to ask them. Regarding your question directly, it is possible to boot without fans, you will get warnings though and you will have to skip these by pressing F1 I think. To simulate a fan installed, you will have to supply a PWM signal to the motherboard. Pinout of the fans connector is in the thread I just mentioned.
  7. Maybe the mic preamp is the problem, if you don't use a dedicated one. As the headset doesn't use USB (if I looked it up right), a driver should not be the problem.
  8. Well thats why I don't run my own email server, its just too much trouble. Maybe check again if you are blacklisted somewhere here.
  9. As long as the server posts with both processors installed and they both show up in ubuntu you should be fine. Even if the benchmark only uses one CPU, which would be a bit weird, it doesn't matter because you can still utilize the performance of both CPUs in a different task.
  10. Very nice to see somebody join this thread The layout of the mainboard is quite a bit different than what I expected. I guess I never really looked at the DL160 G6 mainboard. Nice to see it has a SFF-8087 port on the mainboard. Is it 6 GBit SAS and 3GBit Sata? One extra PCIE slot too, and it has the holes for a standard cooler. The only thing that isn't onboard is iLO2, but the board for that is pretty cheap too.
  11. Yeah thats exactly what I just measured too. You are not going with the HP heatsinks, are you?
  12. Yeah that is true, we will have to see. Even though the mainboards are a bit different I guess they still are pretty much the same as the SE316M1 is based on the DL160 G6. That option is pretty good with the low power L5640. I was pretty lucky that I had a PSU laying around, that had one 4 pin and one 8 pin for CPU power. I have yet to see another PSU that has this configuration, it's always the 4+4 pin and 8 pin. I got two L5520 in there, but I already ran the X5670 on the same mainboard too. The system worked fine with both of these. I also know that the E5645, the E5
  13. I guess so. I read in multiple threads that it is possible to update the BIOS of the SE316, so I'm pretty sure there is a way. I sadly can't try to update the BIOS on my board, because I can't start the machine at the moment (don't have the heatsinks installed). If I'm able to try it out in the next days I'll report you my findings. One more thing I just though of that some people are not aware: The 8-Pin connector on the motherboard is an 8-Pin CPU power connector and not an 8-Pin PCIE connector, so you might have to use an adatper (didn't use any of these yet and I don't know how
  14. For the SE316 it is a bit complicated to find the latest BIOS, as these models are custom built for some customer and HPE doesn't offer offical support for them. Though looking at this Thread it seems like with the SPP iso from 02/2014 it is possible to update the BIOS on the SE mainboards. You can find the iso here, if that works it should be pretty easy to update the BIOS with that tool. Though I guess if it won't post with the L5640 CPUs, you will have to use 5500 series CPUs to update the BIOS.
  15. No problem, was fun researching it and the information is useful for me too. Can't believe I didn't find that thread earlier, but I guess I only looked for the SE316 pinouts and didn't Google for the DL180 even though I knew there was a server with a similar mainboard I saw that thread earlier today, looks like a really interesting project!