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  1. I am currently on an S2716DG and looking for a monitor upgrade to go in line with my 3080 purchase. The Alienware AW3420DW has ultra wide which people say is more immersive but the Alienware aw2721d seems to have HDR and a better screen and a higher refresh rate.Which monitor would be a better upgrade?
  2. I am finally able to get my hands on an RTX 3080 FE at MSRP today. It isnt expected to stay in stock for long. Should I get it or is a RTX 3080 Ti release in Jan inevitable. I have a budget of $999
  3. My system: Intel Core i9-9900k @ 4.8GHZ RTX 3080 GPU My current RAM is 2X8GB F4-3200C16D-16GVKB-G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd. Since I have cash left after this build, can anyone please recommend one of the best 2X8GB RAM for gaming, which would at least slightly increase FPS? I play at 1440p 144hz so want to maximise frame rate. Thanks in advance for helping
  4. I am on a NZXT S340 Elite case. I have a Corsair H100i v2 front mounted as an radiator with its fans for intake. These have SP120L as the stock fans. Which upgrade would be recommended?
  5. I have built a very expensive rig with an RTX 3080 FE and a 10900k and do not want it to be fried due to a desire for better aesthetics. Are Cablemod cables safe to use or is there even a slightest element of risk and I shouldn't bother? The below is my PSU HX Series™ HX1000 — 1000 Watt 80 PLUS® PLATINUM Certified Fully Modular PSU (corsair.com) These are the cables I am planning to get CableMod C-Series ModMesh Classic Cable Kit for Corsair RMi / RMx / RM (Black Label) – CableMod Global Store
  6. I currently have an NZXT FN V2 case fan set as exhaust which came with the case itself and looking to upgrade. I care about cooling performance more than noise. Which one would be a better buy?
  7. Well here's something weird. I disabled Hyper threading on my 9900k and now my CPU utilisation is always between 60-90% in the forests and 90-100% in cities and now my GPU utilisation isn't fluctuating wildly like before and is mostly a constant 90%. It seems this game is unable to utilise all threads properly.
  8. I just checked. When my GPU utilisation drops to 75% and FPS drops to 56 all the cores on my 9900k reach around 80% usage but none of them are pegged at 100%.
  9. I am playing at 1440p and using RTSS frame rate limiter. My FPS ranges from 60-80fps in Athens city in odyssey.
  10. My current rig- I9 9900k at 5ghz Asus Strix Z390E motherboard. RTX 2080 My current ram- https://www.amazon.com/G-SKILL-Ripjaws-PC4-25600-3200MHz-F4-3200C16D-16GVKB/dp/B015FXXBW0/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=gskill+ripjaws+16gb+ddr4+3200&qid=1578834422&sprefix=g+skill+ripjaws+16&sr=8-2 In Assassins creed odyssey, my gpu utilisation is between 75% to 90% in cities and my CPU is not pegged at 100% (it’s at 50% usage) so I was wondering if my RAM speed is the bottleneck. I am using it with the XMP profile. Will upgrading to a 4133mhz ram like the below help with the is
  11. So should I get it over the 1TB Samsung Evo as I only intend to game on it? With games like modern warfare and red dead requiring 300GB of space I want a bigger drive but if it’s a slower drive in real world usage I am ready to adjust a bit.
  12. My budget only allows for between these 2. I have heard the Intel drive wears out faster but my use case is only gaming. Will the Intel get the job done or should I go Samsung?
  13. I just built a new PC and installed the audio drivers from the manufacturer website and there is still no audio. Did I do something wrong? Please help
  14. I have an RTX 2080 paired with 16GB DDDR4 3200mhz RAM and a 7700k but on Battlefield V, my GPU usage is never really above 90% at any time and fps ranges from 67fps on some maps to 80 on others at 1440p resolution. 67 fps is when GPU usage is around 70%, sometimes even 55%. RTX and DLSS are off. Will upgrading to 9900k make GPU usage above 90% and increase fps? I only use my PC for gaming and mostly Battlefield V.
  15. Replaced the cooler and everything is back to normal. Thanks for your help :)
  16. System specs Intel Core i7 7700k Corsair H100i v2 water cooler Geforce RTX 2080 Seasonic X650 PSU I turned on my PC today and all off a sudden the water cooler radiator fans spun up to maximum and CPU temp reached 100 degrees. Just an hour ago it was working fine. I turned it off and when I turned it back on an hour later this happened. In Corsair Link software the pump is showing 0 RPM but I have never used this software before so I don’t know what it used to show before. All wires are secure as I didn’t even touch the internals. Is my motherboard dead o
  17. I wonder if this signals the death bells for G-SYNC Monitors with modules for 1440P 144Hz monitors and G-sync will be reserved only for ultra high end HDR panels. I am inclined to believe it will as there is no incentive to manufacturers to put G-Sync on midrange monitors like Asus PG279Q.
  18. I actually liked the higher quality of the gsync monitors with the modules as it has no range hassle and am ready to pay more for better quality so will they stop producing those? Will be a bummer if true.
  19. No. Their latest driver says stuff about flickering being fixed but the problem got worse for me
  20. Its happening on 1 monitor. I don't have a multi monitor setup. It could be G-Sync though but why is it happening on the desktop where GSync isn't activated
  21. I did but the flashes increased in gaming so I downgraded back to 416.94. Its still happening although not quite as often
  22. Its been 7 days since I bought the RTX 2080 Founders edition and sometimes while gaming or web browsing my screen randomly flashes black, sometimes once, sometimes a couple of times and then resumes normally. I have already checked my cables and everything is tight. Is the card dying or is it the drivers? The card is connected to a G-Sync monitor.
  23. I had the same issue. I ended up buying the 144hz and at this point there is no way I can tolerate 60hz even for 4k. Everything is so fluid and smooth on 144hz. Also there doesn't exist any hardware which can max all games and get 60+ fps at 4k except 2080ti. Might as well enjoy 1440p 144hz but it also needs 1080ti and above to handle it.
  24. So I should just enable it in control panel and it will always be enabled in every game I play right? I don't need to fiddle with ingame settings to enable it?
  25. I just got a Dell S2716DG but I have no clue how to enable GSync. In the game, assassins creed origins, there are 3 options in Vsync: On, Off and Adaptive. Kinda confused here. Any help is appreciated