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  1. All cables (even good ones) will wear down and eventually fail sooner or later. If I had a pair of m40x cans and was looking for a better cable, I would remove the cable locking mechanism and get any cable from Amazon found at these exact search words "cable 2.5mm to 3.5mm controls".
  2. The important thing is that you are grounded to the computer and components. If there's enough difference in charge between you and the computer, it doesn't matter much if one or the other is grounded. With that said, I've built while standing on carpet and wearing both socks and a 50/50 cotton synthetic hoodie before without any issues.
  3. VR induced nausea is very different from motion sickness. Regular motion sickness is caused by motion, VR sickness is not. I don't get motion sick either but VR has thrown a curve ball at me multiple times before. Just a heads up
  4. If it wasn't for AdBlock, the ad revenue from all the videos I've watched on youtube throughout the years would probably have totaled up to approximately the amount I pay monthly for FPC
  5. What, is this window not good enough?
  6. If you seal it off properly, no. You could put a vent on the exhaust if you're afraid they would make their way in that route.
  7. ... oh yeah, that's probably a safer solution.
  8. This. You technically don't even have to ask your landlord. When you move out, remove the mount and smash the living F$#& out of the window and say it was an accident. The landlord shall never know huehue and besides, accidents do happen. EDIT: Or, simply mount a sheet of plexiglass in the window frame as @AshleyAshes suggested. Working with plexiglass is miles easier than with glass.
  9. For a single room, you can get one that will do the job just fine for a bit over $100. Here's just one example https://www.amazon.com/Frigidaire-FFRA0511R1-Window-Mounted-Mini-Compact-Conditioner/dp/B00W2KG92Y/ EDIT: Removed ref from link.
  10. You could mount an AC unit in your window.
  11. The firmware it came with might have options that allow you to configure it as a network adapter. Look for "wireless bridge" or "client bridge" in the firmware, most likely within the wireless section.
  12. IDK, do you like apples or do you like oranges? It's a tough decision I know. One is very juicy but the other is so much more convenient.
  13. They're actually quite literally seamLESS. Less seams != no seams
  14. If you're not able to find your router here https://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database then you won't be able to use DD-WRT on it.
  15. Lets just leave it at "specific thing thats very close to bitcoin but not.". It has a somewhat philosophical ring to it.
  16. It depends on the "old router" you have. I used a cheapo Rosewill N300 as a makeshift wireless network adapter for a good while because it had support for DD-WRT. If you can put DD-WRT on it, then you can certainly use it as a wifi adapter. With that said, a lot of the tutorials for setting this up are very bad if not flat out wrong so you might need some degree of tech-savvyness to figure it all out.
  17. No worries. Clonezilla also has a lot of tools geared towards server maintenance you might be interested in. Best of luck to you!
  18. If you need to recover important data from the drives, I'd give Clonezilla Live a go. It's a Linux distro specifically intended for data recovery type stuff so throw it on a USB drive and you're good to go.
  19. Hexa is prefix for a number of 6. Not sure if that's what you were asking, but hey.
  20. Does wiggling the cable at all affect the frequency of disconnects?
  21. Since he explicitly mentioned powering on the PSU, yes, that's a sort of goofy question.
  22. AIO or custom loop? AIOs are pretty straight forward.
  23. $40 for a used HDD that sells for $44 new is a pretty awful price regardless.