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  1. I am planning on buying an Android tablet (Galaxy tab S 10.5 or Nvidia Shield Tablet K-1) used and was wondering if there was anything similar to Apple's iCloud lock on android tablets? I don't want to buy a tablet and it be bricked when it gets here.
  2. I've been having wifi issues on my tablet and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. The tablet can find my network but it will not connect to it. It saves the password and my settings but will not connect. I've tried multiple networks and they all yield the same results. This was after a factory reset if that really matters. Would flashing the device with a custom rom have a chance at fixing the issue you think? I have no experience with flashing with custom roms so I'm a bit reluctant to do that without any other opinions/ideas.
  3. I haven't really played much more on my PC other than rocketleague, Borderlands, BF4 an a couple of others here and there like Don't Starve. Anyone have suggestions to games like Borderlands/FarCry? or any good singleplayer game for that matter?
  4. I cannot get any wifi to work on my note 10.1 after i factory reset it and i contacted samsung abut it but they were no help. They just wanted me to send it in.... I have no experience with flashing and roms since i've never really messed with android to much. any ideas? Any more info needed?
  5. will do, and yeah i saw that video from Jay lol. Would a pump/reservoir be powerful enough to feed through the rad and two blocks?
  6. yeah, i used the configurator and there weren't any full blocks sadly. and i'll change from pastel to ____? What do you recommend for coolant, orange juice?
  7. I am just messing around and was looking to see how much it would cost to watercool my system. Am i missing anything or is there anything in here that isn't compatible? My Build is in my signature and here's the cart that i had on EK http://i.imgur.com/XQ0BC4g.png I don't think there is a full block for my card but if there is one that would be awesome.
  8. the problem is that i have no idea what i did but it works now sooo
  9. except corsair link wasnt working. i couldn't see my fan rpm nor change them. I have seemed to figured it out after posting this anyways. i have set my curves with speedfan and I have no issues so far
  10. I'm trying to set up speedfan because i just got 4 new noctua fans and would really like to have m PC as quiet as possible in the realms of safety. I have an h100i and had my NF-s12a's attached to my rad and ny NF-a14's on the front of my r4. I have the front 140 fans working on a curve but im having issues with the 120s. I decided to take the 120s and hook them up via y-splitter to the mobo since corsair link is trash. In the "fans" tab in SpeedFan i have three RPM readings (which there should only be three). One for the y-splitter to my 120s, y-splitter to the 140's, and the p
  11. the cyber monday deals have been pretty poor recently. I would check the prices for the next 14 days or so because if the price drops on some of your parts then you can start a chat with Newegg and they will generally give you the difference back via credit that goes on your account.
  12. yeah, i wasn't being literal but ill look into those, thanks
  13. i don't think they make fans, i could be wrong though
  14. i'd rather not get a 550w PSU because i might SLI here really soon
  15. I'm currently running an EVGA NEX 650g and i believe i've figured out that it's relatively loud. My case fans are the 2 stock 140mm fans that come with the define r4 (these are front intake), I have two corsair SP120s attached to my h100i in a push config to exhaust out of the top of my case. I have the rear and bottom vents covered to try and create postitive pressure within my case. what are your recommendations for fans for this config? I was looking at noctuas but not sure what exact ones to get. Should i put fans in the rear and bottom or is it fine? I have been running this for a ye
  16. I have a EVGA GTX 780 ACX FTW and was wondering what backplate will fit on it? Will the basic EVGA 780 backplate fit? Also, what is the best way to fix gpu sag? thanks
  17. press and hold both the home and lock button until the apple logo pops up, should reset it
  18. what i was expecting lol. wasnt sure if the deathadder had a much better sensor or if they were pretty equal. thanks!
  19. I have a Logitech G602 and now a DeathAdder 2013. I have had the G602 for a few months now and just got the DeathAdder today in the mail. It is still in the box and dont want to open it because i am going to sell one of them. Anyone have experience with these mice?
  20. sounded mean, i know sorry i just said that because there is sometimes latency issues between people..
  21. I just recently moved from console to PC and my friends havent made the switch yet. if anyone is from the states (or anywhere else really) wants to play something send me a friend request on steam! Steam Profile it kinda sucks after a while of playing games by yourself lol.