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  1. The main issue with fixing it is there is a lack of good quality thermal pads available at the moment. I can't find the 3mm fibre glass ultra soft pads Igor used alas I will try 1.5mm ThermalRight pads 12 W/m.K for the dies and 3mm AABCOOLING Thermopad 6W/mK for the back of the card
  2. Idle temps are 50/55c Great to hear that Steve will cover an issue as I thought it was a non issue. Also seems like a bit of oversight from Nvidia cheaping out on thermal pads...
  3. Yeah if overclocked & depends on the game and how long I'm playing. The cooler seems good just Nvidia cheaped out on the thermal pads of they used ultra soft ones for some manufacturing reason. Also I saw this https://www.igorslab.de/en/simple-pad-mod-for-the-force-rtx-3080-founders-edition-slowers-the-gddr6x-temperature-by-a-whopping-8-degrees/
  4. Hi I can't seem to get my Memory junction temps lower than 108/110c. I have 80mm fans pointed at my 3080 and it's not helping at all. I have even tried with the card outside the case but Junction is 110c whilst core is 35c! Do I really have to water cool my brand new card and void warranty? Only thing I can think of is thermal pads but warranty too... At this rate the card wont last long. I have a 6800 xt and the junction temps on that never go above 80c This issue appears when mining dagger hashimoto and I can't go above 70/80 MH/s as mem overheats in seconds. I h
  5. Well I just did manual vcore at 1.28v and now my temps are 73c under load at 4.2ghz + PBO off
  6. so I swapped cooler just in case but I still get the same temps with an air cooler
  7. Okay so I have redone my paste and you just need to remember that even after 8 years of PC building you will not always get the thermal paste done right lol. On 83c from 88c, now which isn't really too much better though. Gonna see in Gigabyte forum if someone knows how to drop vcore offset
  8. I remove the panels and it drops a bit but on auto vcore it's only the vcore I had before and I got better temps with 1.3v over auto
  9. Got Ryzen master and get 93c on auto
  10. I am on F50. I am sure that F51d is not a stable one?
  11. I am trying to fold on my device and cpuid hwmonitor shows 78c just getting ryzen master
  12. I have been folding on it for months do you think I should just turn it off?