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  1. @Eigenvektor I did check with crystal disk info to see if any of my drives where starting to have problems and it reported back that they were all 100%. Now for ram usage, there is a lot running passively in the background so there is always about 10gb of ram being used. That right there is what im expecting is the source of the slow down, but it also didnt happen on my 7700k system that i just upgraded from, so i have a hard time believing that edit: i also realize that it could be that ryzen does better with 3600 mhz ram, but i dont feel like that would account for just ho
  2. I'm having a weird issue with my new 5900x where it will go from being fast and responsive, then all of a sudden it will take like 15+ seconds just to open a file explorer and each click between folders taking awhile. I was thinking it might have been a weird process taking over the cpu but whenever i look at task manager its usually never above 20%. EDIT: I also am on the current bios revision In case it helps, here is my computer specs: Ryzen 9 5900x running at stock Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero 32gb G.Skill Trident Z RGB EVGA GeForce RTX 3090
  3. Thank you and it should be good, the plan is to put it where the front fans are......just waiting for ups to deliver it......
  4. thank you!! I'll prob end up doing those modification XD, so would you recommend the tubes to go down then?
  5. Good to know, unfortunately I already have my cpu s aio at the top, worst comes to worst, I can dermal out the drives cages at the front if needed. Thank you for that info!
  6. So i have a Cooler Master Storm Trooper and just got a 3080 hybrid from the evga queue. I was wondering if anyone has been able to fit a 240 rad in the front of this case cause i would like to not have the rad be on the bottom, due to the whole pump shouldn't be above the rad issue. Thank you!
  7. So I am looking to upgrade my old gtx 1080 soon assuming the evga queue continues at its current pace, but my question is, I have a gtx 980 running as a slave card atm due to needing extra outputs (I have 6 monitors) Does anyone think an 850 w psu can handle an rtx 3080 along with one of those 2 cards or do I need a new psu? Full build: Intel i7-7700k Asus maximus ix code Evga gtx 1080 ftw Evga gtx 980 sc Evga 850 w 80+ gold
  8. MK thnx for the info! Was just feeling that it was a bit high for an aio.
  9. My temps under load are around 75, which i also feel are a bit too high
  10. So ive being having weird temperature problems with my pc. I have an nzxt aio 240 rad with a push pull fan config and for some reason my idle temperatures are anywhere between 35 and 55 c. I have tried redoing the termal paste, even getting expensive stuff. If anyone can help point me in the right direction i would be really grateful. Specs: i7-7700k running at 4.5ghz Asus Maximus ix code 32gb 3200 trident z evga 1080 evga 980
  11. XD so..........i found out the issue. I didnt have the bridge pushed in all the way onto the connectors....Thank you all for your quick responces
  12. The second card is detected by the system. Can't say about it having problems with sli enabled as I can't enable sli which is my problem. Did think it might be the bridge though
  13. I just got a second 1080 ftw, and after installing it and slapping the hb bridge that comes with the mob, maximize 3d performance is still greyed out and it is telling me to make sure that the bridge is connected. I have already uninstalled with ddu and dont know where to go. Please Help! Specs i7-7700k Asus maximums ix code 2 evga 1080 ftw nvme m.2 32 gb ram
  14. I have been trying to add the libbdplus library to vlc for a while with no success and was wondering if anyone knew how to do this. Thanks