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    KingOfSoldiers reacted to Virus__ in AMAZON.com pulls out of australia   
    Technically we do. But the cost of living is stupid in this country, and it's just spiralling out of control, and wages are not keeping up sadly.
    -Power is a rort, my last powerbill for 3 months was $900, it used to be $500-600 before the state gov't upped the price of power, because they could.
    -Rent is out of control here too, the average price where I live, $500/w for a 3 bedroom house isn't uncommon.
    -Car registration with insurance runs most around $70-100/mo before other running costs.
    -Clothes are a joke of a price for anything that is quality. The pants I wear for work are $80 a pair here, thankfully I can buy them from the USA for $30 a pair, so around $40 shipped. I also just had to buy new boots, that was $200, but I needed quality & comfort, which the $50 pair I bought & promptly returned did not offer.
    -Public transport is super expensive (at least where I am.) to get to Brisbane which is maybe 100km away, it'll run me $30-40 depending on the time of day & day for train & bus fare, in a car that is fuel efficient a round trip is around half that in petrol.
    -Petrol is also getting stupidly high in price, I paid $1.55/L for 94 octane with 10% ethanol blend the other day.
    -Phone/internet can be expensive, we're sort of starting to get that one under control with our "NBN" prices are getting better for better services. But I still pay $160/mo for my internet & mobile. Thankfully I buy my phones outright, otherwise that would be in excess of $200/mo.
    Then there's luxuries like cigarettes & alcohol, which are taxed extremely high. Average price for a carton of beer (24 330ml bottles) will be at least $40, and smokes you're paying over $1 per cigarette now from memory.
    Then there's other stuff like pet care, I have a dog, so she runs me probably about $60 a month in food & other costs. She eats really well & is looked after well. But even saying that bathing isn't free, now is worming, flea & tick control. But that's maybe $20 in total there. She doesn't get dry food or tinned wet food either, because they're both bad for them & expensive, funnily enough it is cheaper to buy fresh kangaroo meat & fresh veggies..

    Over all my job pays alright at $26/hr before any penalty rates. But still i'm casual so, my hours vary, so my pay isn't steady. But it still makes it a challenge to get by sometimes.
    Also this government is dumb. They looked at this years ago & deemed it would cost about as much to collect these taxes as it was going to bring in, all I can say is I object to being forced to pay tax on stuff I either cannot buy here at all, or in some cases I would be forced to pay upto 10x as much for locally.
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    KingOfSoldiers got a reaction from don_svetlio in New Build made for the wife   
    Some games
    Eve Online n World Of Warcraft
    now she can play abit more lol
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    KingOfSoldiers got a reaction from don_svetlio in New Build made for the wife   
    Case: CoolerMaster Stryker
    Cpu: Intel I5 4690k
    MotherBoard: Asus B85 Pro Gamer
    Ram: 8Gb DDr3 1333Mhz
    Graphics Card: Gigabyte Radeon R9 280x Oc
    Powersupply: SilverStone 850W SST-ST85F
    HDD: 1.5 TB HDD
    Just awaiting on the CPU, PSU and HDD
    3rd Build of my life
    Wife loves the case