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  1. I have all said equipment available to me the issue is that Microsoft disabled it on windows 10 a while ago and unless your running a windows server edition you cant enable it
  2. Does anyone know a work around for Windows 10 for NIC teaming or if Windows 11 currently allows NIC teaming would love to run multi gigabit local networking, i have checked previous Topics but they are all abit old and with recent windows 10 updates and the windows 11 release i'm curious to see if anyone has checked any of these out. Many thanks in advance peeps.
  3. Asrock B250m Pro4 40gb DDR4 Corsair rm750 i dont think case matters but Thermaltake View 71 RGB Edition
  4. it finds the latest driver but doesn't get recognize by anything as functioning so as in windows task manager it doesn't show it or msi afterburner only in device manager
  5. Is there anyway to run 2 different Nvidia drivers on the one PC I have a GTX 1060 using version 442.50 and Nvidia Tesla C2050 using version 390.85 "Tesla" When i use version 390.85 "Tesla" driver the GTX 1060 doesn't recognize but when i use 442.50 the Nvidia Tesla C2050 doesn't recognize. Is there a way to run the drivers independently for each card so i can run both cards in the one pc at the same time so i can take advantage of both cards at the same time? Many thanks in advance.
  6. 3 x 100/40 @ $99 a month each so $297 a month / 7 users = around $43 a month and mainly only 2 people including myself use the speed heavily
  7. nah 3 x 100/40 unlimited all at $99 a month each we already have a wireless home network running sharing internet over 6 residential properties and 1 business so not alot more do to bond 3 or more connections
  8. Hahaha i was waiting for a politician joke actually lol
  9. Soon my family and extended family will all share 3 or more 100/40 connections with unlimited downloads
  10. When does everyone think that 10Gb Ethernet should be a standard on all motherboards and modems/routers, i mean back when i migrated from dial-up to adsl 10/100 was normal now 10/100/1000 is normal and adsl+ hasn't been much better but with fiber coming to Australia and some people already have it eventually 10Gb Ethernet will be a normally everyday standard anyone out there have any thoughts to this?
  11. i hade a similar issue use https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html then download the latest drivers and install those after restart
  12. Amazon.com pulls out of australia and millions of Australians won' be able to buy for US due to new Australian tax https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/turnbulls-online-shopping-tax-punishes-aussie-consumers-how-to-avoid-the-amazon-ripoff/news-story/a9fc27c89f4f9c8ad933c34551e463df#.f3ht2
  13. Any chance of a livestream of LTX 2017?
  14. I know that but imagine the market on a CPU like that why not even if it for only the super rich lol
  15. What I'd rather see myself is a CPU like this : 4cores 8 threads 20 - 30mb cache 4.7ghz+ base clock turbo upto 5ghz and a tdp around 120 - 140 Pretty much a higher base clock per core and more cache but also keeping around 4 cores cos not much more is really need then 4 cores remember the old Pentium 4 single core at 2ghz
  16. Is it possible to run a virtual machine on top of a Linux cluster so the vm has all the CPU power and resources of all the machines attached to the cluster? Or something along these lines
  17. Lower temps inside the case mean lower component temperature i.e. you cant cool something via air or water below ambiant temperature but if you reduce the ambient temperature going into the case you can achieve cooler components. Example: You want to cool down so you pour liquid nitrogen on yourself now you cool but also injured why not turn the aircon on instead, this is just a way to cool ur case not the room and removes the risk of running liquid nitrogen physically on components.
  18. I know you cant pump liquid nitrogen through it but if you hade liquid nitrogen or dry ice cooling the radiator down n fans pulling the super cool air through would drop the inflow of temperature
  19. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1041431872554671&id=765755086789019
  20. These are the facts and i reckon its crap http://www.skynews.com.au/culture/offbeat/2015/11/24/nsw-roads-minister-bans--hoverboards-.html?cid=BP_ARTICLE_1_NSW_BANS_HOVERBOARDS_241115