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  1. How about the beyerdynamic dt 770s?
  2. Yes, that is why I am going for the closed-back design, to take with me outside
  3. depends on the motherboard, if you put them next to each other and the manual says that you have to put them in specific spots, then the RAM might not work properly, so just look at what the manual says.
  4. I want to get a pair of closed back headphones under $200, closed-back because I plan to use it in noisy areas, and the sound leakage of open-back just wouldn't work for me, and I would use them for gaming, casual use, and for long periods of study. I listen to some pop, and some electronic music. Been looking at the V-Moda Crossfades, and the ATH-M50X's. Examples of what I listen to: Petit Biscuit Sunset Lover (and other songs by him) Imagine Dragons Believers (and other songs) ...
  5. Are you listening to the WAN Show, they said they would start recording on Monday, Luke and Linus VS Kyle and Paul, in California.
  6. I was wondering if I should wait for the budget Ryzen CPUs to come out, and wait for a possible budget Vega GPU, or should i just go for something with a GTX 1050/ti, and have the pentium g4560 processor, to build a system under $400. Not including OS.