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  1. Sell minecraft servers or give them for free to 40k people until someone sends you $2000 as “investment” (that’s what I did)
  2. Thanks for this! I just had this problem, searched for it Linustechtips.com came 1st on Google Search
  3. iOS Apps require Macs...............
  4. MBP: £1700 - i5, 16, 256, 13in £1900 - i7, 16, 256, 13in £2100 - i7, 16, 256, 15in MBA: £1100 - i5, 8, 256
  5. I need: Computer for at home Mac for iOS Development Laptop for at school Budget: £1000-2000 (for all 3) Should I get a MacBook Pro 2017 with touchbar or Desktop and MacBook Air?
  6. I use these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Headphones-Anker-Lightweight-Waterproof-Black/dp/B01N6DC2ZE/ with my iPhone 7 that doesn't have a headphone jack
  7. 1:22 1:52 2:05 2:45 it's just a few seconds after the timestamp
  8. Have a VPS or Dedicated Server with Dedicated IP located near your house. Setup a TCP/UDP tunnel between your computer and that server.
  9. If the image and main website location are close together, the latency would be similar as if they were on the main website.
  10. You need a webserver, I would recommend NGINX. You should probably run it of a port other than 80 or 443 (SSL) as your ISP may block them. If your site has SSL, I would suggest an SSL Port. You might need to port forward the port. Find your external IP (I use this tool on my website), If it is static, set up a subdomain with A record (IPv4) or AAAA record (IPv6) (use both if possible), if it is dynamic, you can use a service like NoIP DDNS. Then use the subdomain or the free dynamic subdomain to link to your images.
  11. Because there might be 1000's or more of images you want to get the latest one or you might want multiple streams maybe.
  12. http://url.nick-e.uk/bw shows random characters in about 2 Lines of HTML 3 Lines of CSS 7 Lines of JavaScript
  13. Here's how I would do it: Requirements: A database of some kind A file storage place of some kind PHP. Javascript/ Other Language client for uploading the images Javascript in browser to refresh images. Every minute or so, get computer with webcam to upload image to PHP, get PHP to store file in file storage place and add an entry to the database with timestamp. The javascript getting the images, send a request every minute or so to the PHP, get PHP to get the newest entry in database and show the image.