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  1. If you need a place to quickly switch your number to call them, use can use FireRTC. Many scambaiters use it, and FireRTC allows it as long as you are not being malicious.
  2. I've used it before and I liked it, and I really like the transparency that they have such as when many malware/adware companies had contacted them (See this Reddit AMA)
  3. Looks like the Floatplane CMS is down for some reason... (IsUp.me link). I can still access videos (if you are logged in of course) at https://linustechtips.com/main/applications/floatplane/interface/video_url.php?video_guid=WHATEVER&video_quality=WHATEVER as a temporary workaround.
  4. There is this one with Ed. EDIT: Okay maybe not this one, now I am curious on what video that happened in.
  5. Sorry. I didn't think that it was that big of one...
  6. An old tenant (?) who runs a construction company. It was picked up in organization vlog day 3, as they let the guy store it in unit 101.
  7. Personally, I think the Floatplane thumbnail was better:
  8. Yes, it might, however you can easily make and auto renew certificates using some of these https://letsencrypt.org/docs/client-options/. If you do have shell access go for Certbot.
  9. 3 months and if you use certbot then it auto renews.
  10. It is mostly, but sometimes they are slow (a bunch of viewers).
  11. yes, however I want the speed not just the ping. It would be one of the servers, and those vary (ie. edge01, edge02).
  12. Are you guys able to make a speedtest tool for Floatplane using something like Speedtest.net Mini or some custom speedtest tool? Sometimes when my network is preforming normally, Floatplane is slow and buffers so I would like to know if it is my connection or yours. I guess it would be like fast.com (Netflix).
  13. It was live yesterday as they have a long weekend (except for Luke.) The normal schedule will resume next week. (Fridays at ~16:30 PM PT)
  14. Yeah right. Everyone is waiting to get in, however Linus has the keys and walks in at 5:00PM. I'd love to see 8!
  15. That basically means that Javascript and CSS that are not needed when the page loads should be at the bottom of the body, rather than in the header. It has nothing to do with blocking anything, just making it so that when the page loads, only the external requests that are required for the page to function loads, then the page content, then the scripts that are not necessary, but help improve the UI.
  16. What about the SteelSeries 7G Gaming Keyboard? Will it work? EDIT: Oh, looks like it has an converter to PS/2. EDIT2: What about this keyboard? The Cherry G84-5500LPMEU-2?
  17. I mean, or theres this: But I don't know. I agree on not spending money on apps that might not work, as that has happened before to me.
  18. Ah, I did not know that. Thanks! I just did some research and can't you use something like this app?
  19. Yeah, but can't you just use the YouTube app? That's what I used. Unless I am missing something (as I do not have Gear VR).
  20. They did, but it was 360 degrees, apparently this is 180 degrees and preforms differently. That's odd. I've played VR videos on multiple devices before and it worked.
  21. They have never advertised this company, but SiteGround is a really good one. Used to use them before I switched to my own custom hosting servers.
  22. Take a look at this page: http://www.interac.ca/en/fraud-update. Try forwarding the email to phishing@interac.ca.
  23. I definitely agree as I recommend it to everyone, however OP said they did not want to spend money.