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  1. Same problem here. I got 2 Dell 27" displays 1080p one connected via hdmi and the other one via the DVI-D to HDMI connector. I also got a Gigabyte RX560 2GB OC. At first when i plugged in the 2nd display as soon as i start a game with openGL i would get artifacts and then i would have to reboot the pc. Then it started happening on the desktop too as soon as i power it up. I reinstalled windows 10 and now only one of my displays has the picture in desktop. I know that all of theme are working since the motherboad boot image is shown on both and as soon as windows login screen pops u
  2. I get odd color full shapes, they change positions and move around, they get worse when i want to manipulate with windows, ex move a window or minimize it or maximize it. Strange indeed! EDIT: Finally found the way to describe theme, they look exactly like the broken lcd screens have those odd triangles and what not in different colors
  3. As the title says, this is so strange. I first got one and then got another one monitor (both are DELL S2721HN). Problem is when only one monitor is plugged in, there is absolutely no issue but when the other one is plugged in i get artifacts only after fullscreening once Minecraft. This happens only in Minecraft. My other monitor is connected with a DVI-D HDMI cable since my gpu has only one hdmi port. I use 2 monitors to speed up development, i develop java apps of any kind but minecraft plugins are common part of my job, so if my minecraft cant fullscreen then i am s
  4. Download the latest drivers first from the nvidia website, then boot into safe mode with networking run ddu and then reboot, when back into windows run the installation as fast as you can, then just wait for theme to finish, after its done just reboot the computer and hope that it fixed your issues
  5. You need to get a really good adapter for bluetooth, look for PCIe versions and ones that are rated for BT4.2 and above. Also as staded by @riba2233 this is the proper way to do it. Another option would be to check if your house has a proper ground, not kidding for real they make magnetic noise if not properly grounded, good example is the cheap bt radio transmitter in you car, it will have a lot of noise from the alternator bc it does not have a proper ground (i will keep it simple)
  6. Try reinstalling the GPU drivers, my spare pc with GT710 had BSDs after the 2004 Windows 10 update, it might help. try to verify the game files integrity too. If none of it help try reinstalling the games that crash or even reinstall windows and do it all fresh !
  7. Done everything except trying other psu, i will probably need to do it at some point but i need to borrow one from a friend since the one i have in the other pc is 400W same model series as in this pc (GPE400S). Return thingy you do in US doesn't work here... EDIT: I forgot to mention i did not test another board! But will buy a new one 150EUR+ board and will see if it works
  8. Updated bios to the latest version, tried all the version that are on the website still noting, I dont think the PSU is the problem, i am pretty sure the motherboard is toast. under high load vrm is at 47C (stock cooler). What motherboard you guys recommend, i was looking at the Asus B450F strix (its the only one available rn and for other b450s i need to wait 20 days). Maybe a B550, or an x570. I will sell one application soon so i will have money to buy whatever motherboard is good (not some overpriced gaming board but a good one and stable). for psus i cant ask you guys bc market here
  9. Hello, i have a very very strange problem, 2 moths ago my pc started behaving like this: Just randomly (i am browsing with Chrome or writing code in IntelliJ 90% of the time on my pc) i first lose ethernet connection and after it in the same minute i lose all the usb ports and boom i need to reboot via the case reboot button. About a month ago i started getting bluescreen's with WATCHDOG VIOLATION, i knew it had to do with my cpu, so i just disassembled and cleaned all the components and built the pc again. BSDS went away but after the few weeks the no ethernet and then usbs die thingy st
  10. Sorry i raged, i didnt put on this forum that i tried 3 other ssds and still is the same My bad, thatnks for the help anyaways
  11. At this point i think that you didnt read the whole post, i done it 4 times while i swithing ssds, tried linux mint (the lowest spec distro that supports apps that i need and ITS STILL NEARLY THE SAME
  12. Not only chrome, literally whole OS is irresponsive and slugish, i have seen penitum 4s for lga755 with 2 gb of ram that handle windows 10 much better and yet they are slower than e1 6100
  13. Its still sooo strange how the ssd doesnt help at all, in that Pentium laptop adding an ssd made it run literally 5x faster, so strange, could it be literally firmware related in any matter That Intel Pentium T4150 laptop has a ded battery and a new one is 50EUR so i dont feal like its worth saving that old and fat laptop, but i might actually go it although its sooo fat, not practical for my application at all, i might try to find something else in my pile of laptops
  14. Problem is it worked faster like 6 months before, it went slugish recently, i mean yeah its bad and all of that but i still think that this is fixable, hay even a pentium laptop i own from 2010 is at least 5x faster (its battery is ded), this amd laptop is thin and light weight compared to the pentium laptop i own I am not talking about how to get used equpment nor how good hardware you can get free in America, i am talking about how is it possible that in few months of not using a computers it becomes soo slugish
  15. Well if you can get a CAT6 cable idealy and run it to your room, after that look for any router, i prefer TP LINK as a brand for networking Personally i use https://www.tp-link.com/us/home-networking/wifi-router/tl-wr940n/ in few places in my house, reliable router and its quite cheap Literally set theme up once and never rebooted since, stable wifi for me (i own 3 of these)