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    Cars and Hockey and Pcs (duh..)


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    Gigabyte Z170X UD5 TH
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    16GB Vengeance LPX 2400
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    G1 1070
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    Define R5
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    Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB; 2TB Toshiba HDD
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  1. The biggest variable in this test is you, as far as i can see. So unless you do, say, a hundred or so repetitions on each set-up, you cannot draw conclusions from it in respect to your monitor. Of course the rest of the system you use mustn't change.
  2. There is. NzXT makes one that should fit for yours. But I think you would have to take the Frontplate off of yours. https://www.nzxt.com/products/kraken-g12-white with the bracket you can install arange off AiOs, theres a list on their website, basically all round asetek ones. PS: Jay's a dickhole
  3. @Bleedingyamato Also, try to set the core voltage to Normal in the bios - click on the Vcore and hit "+", it jumps to normal then. Most boards add voltage from stock, which leads to higher temps.
  4. I for one was so curious that i just ordered a Scythe Mugen 5 (don't know if you have those in Canada) to test against my Corsair H80iGT. It mounts similar to Noctuas and is supposed to be quite good. I really think people underestimate the hassle with the hoses with AiO. The ones on the Corsair are so stiff, i don't think the good air coolers are much more difficult to install. Back on topic, the Noctua is an awesome beast, but also slightly overkill for a 1600, i think. Any good 120mm Air cooler will probably give much better thermals and noise than the Spire can. The Arctic Freezer i33 for
  5. 4K TVs are absolutely useless for watching TV, nobody broadcasts UHD anyway and won't for a long time.
  6. Nice system you got there. Have fun with it.
  7. Is that an Enthoo evolve? Could you not tune the fans in the front to a high speed (but bearable)? I think it would be fine then. Or if you flip the rear fan and exhaust everything through the top, buy a magnetic 140mm fan filter (they exist) and do as @Mick Naughty suggested.
  8. Pull the trigger. Where do you want to mount the Corsair? Intake or exhaust? Exhaust seems to work..
  9. They are quiet though, i like my H80i very much.
  10. they do. FTL meant the Power supply to the CPU on that board, but don't sweat it, it will be fine if you don't go balls out on the overclock.
  11. But the Corsair H60 is compatible out of the Box, for example: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00A0HZMGA/?tag=pcp0f-20 I think the Mobo is fine if you dont want to overclock. Also the CPU is okay for what you want it for out of the box
  12. http://www.coolermaster.com/amd-am4-ryzen-compatability/en/
  13. Hi, 1, doesn't look like it, 2, fine 3, Not if your overclocking yourself.