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  1. Hi all, I've just recently bought a new NAS to take my usable storage from 8tb up to 20ish, I'm currently migrating all my data accross onto the new server and I'm having a number of really frustrating issues. I managed to get a buffalo linkstation ls520d to help tide me over until I got hold oft this new nas, and it has a couple of big folders on it and I cant get them off it. One of the folders is about a terrabyte so not enormous but also not a quick 5 minute job. I keep trying to transfer it to the new server and each time the transfer starts out at about 50 or so MB/s and then a
  2. I've just started training on an indoor turbo trainer for my road bike, and using a game called Zwift to actually do my training on. Zwift is a game which requires a fairly decent gpu to run smoothly, at like 60fps. I have a rig in the house with a GTX 960 and an i5 4440, so no powerhouse, but ample for what i do most of the time. It's ideal for running the training software, but lives in the house. My training setup lives out in the garage, where its about 10+ degrees colder (and also away from people) which is also ideal. I am currently using an old laptop to run the software but it really i