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    United States
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    OVERCLOCKING and gaming
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    911 Supervisor


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    i9 9900k at 5.1 GHZ (5.4 GHZ max oc)
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    Asus maximus x390
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    32 GB 3866
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    Evga RTX 2080 TI XC Ultra Water Cooled
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    800 Watt Evga gold
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    MSI Something with RTX 2060

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  1. I ordered a new 1000 watt psu, will see if that helps. I spoke to evga, they told me it was my monitor causing the issue. Thats hard to believe since my old card did not have this issue. They told me I should expect stuttering if v sync is off, thats not my experience with any other card.
  2. I was thinking that might be the case. Maybe I might but 1000 watt
  3. Has anyone else had issues with stuttering/ frame hitching? When playing on my 3090 my frame rate stays around 80 on mw or bf5 at 4k, but its like walking into a dark room with a strobe light. Its nuts. Specs Evga 3090 ftw ultra I9 9900k 5.2 ghz 32 gb 3866 ram 850 supernova gold psu
  4. I found out it is copper core with aluminum fins. Thanks!
  5. My radiator is from xotic pc. It is silver looking, I'm guessing aluminum, can I tell for sure? The radiator in this video is the same one I have, just no idea what it is made of. I'm wanting to add another radiator to my build so I dont want to mix metals.
  6. I'm was thinking the extra tread might buy him a couple of years.
  7. my father in law has a pc with a 2200g qnd gtx 1050 ti. For $60 I found a 2400g on Craigslist. Is it worth it to upgrade to you all? He does light gaming (original cod 4 and a few others). I just want a pc that will last him a while.
  8. Also unplug all of your power cables and then replace them in.
  9. Ok, try this. Use the free program called memtest, this will tell you if you have a bad piece of ram.
  10. Water. Custom loop. Cache is at 50, no avx offset.