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  1. Yeah games, BF1, Overwatch, DOOM, TOMB Raider, Rainbow Six Siege, is what im playing at the moment, but i will play aaa games when the come out if they intrest me
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my monitor, and i would really like a 1440p one, but what i don't know is how well the rx 480 (my card) handles 1440p (bear in mind i have mine overclocked to 1380mhz) if anyone has this config or any knowledge of how it will perform, please let me know. Many Thanks, DOT
  3. Thanks, i have rx 480, so will keep an eye on it!
  4. THANKS EVERYONE! I've decided to go with the 1440p.
  5. Oh i see, Game Dev's need to work on that,
  6. i would but i cant afford a 1440p ultrawide, im a student
  7. No im good on the FOV, but thanks
  8. Really? i Heard that you could just change the resoution and aspect ratio in game settings.
  9. Yes Thats what i did and it was fine, like Doramius said, if it doesnt work make sure the ssd is still no.1 on the boot order in the bios.
  10. From a purely gaming point of view, what is better, 1080p ultrawide, or 1440p regular monitor.