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  1. I received Dell Studio One 1909 it would lose display a few seconds after boot. After looking on forums it seems like cleaning the GPU and replacing the LCD inverter would fix the issue it did not. I'm looking for any ideas
  2. I have a Lenovo Yoga 11e when it is plugged in normally no post but the think-pad lights and FN Keys Light up without ram it gives the no ram beep code with ram the fan spins briefly the lights as before work then it stops any ideas
  3. trying one stick of ram now
  4. how would I do that i can't get past bios
  5. rig at hand https://pcpartpicker.com/user/masterkickass7/saved/3Kmq3C this system was awaiting a back glass panel besides that it was finished recently windows 10 started freezing. I thought maybe it was just a one or two times thing so I would just restart the system it kept doing it. finally decided to try and reinstall windows and it's then froze on the installation screen multiple times. also this entire time my mouse and keyboard networking switching it to a USB port would make it work all times and then it would do the same thing rinse-and-repeat this happened on multiple mice in m
  6. I knoe something is wrong with it I just don't know what
  7. I picked up this GTX 970 when I put it in my motherboard no matter what system it is the system will not turn on and both these systems have an 850 watt power supply that I test Hardware on. it seems like it stops the rest of the system from posting
  8. I have $86 so i'd need to get the board for $35 with shipping
  9. i'm finding h67 esier but I only have $30ish dollars for the cpu so proably a i5 2400 2500 if i'm lucky
  10. I am doing a $400 build originally I was going to use a zeon x3470 and a p55 mobo but the first mobo doesn't work. With the refund the new mobo won't come in till well into november adding the cpu and mobo I have $86 could I get a better cpu combo I would need to be ddr3,MATX and have 4 dimms sincs I have a 4x2 kit
  11. my ti-84 iv'e had for years was working fine 2 days ago then it would not boot I replaced the AAA's with good fresh battery's and even the proprietary backup battery it turns on in a boot sequence and says "waiting please install operating system now" it won't detect in the TI Software and the cable works because my friends ti-84 plus CE detects fine any ideas
  12. my friend is looking for a laptop to upgrade from his core 2 duo laptop used no hdd (has ssd) Haswell minimum supports 16gb or ddr3l (doesn't need to come with it) 17in screen minimum (bad eye sight)