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  1. Streight from bootup, As soon as I took in TM its 100%
  2. It says Discord, I close that (End Task) but it never goes down. It did this with Microsoft Edge, I closed it, but it stayed at 100% CPU It only says 6 - 7% with Dragon Center (Which makes perfect sence because it's basically idoling)
  3. When I have it on the battery, It always is at 50% CPU if I choose ECO mode in MSI Dragon Center, But If I choose Power Options, It goes to 100% CPU And I have no Idea why I need this fixed because I use this laptop for school and the fans spin up due to it going to over 60 Degrees C. I have the MSI GF62VR-7RF
  4. my monitor keeps doing this wierd thing with my monitor where it keeps doing these lines across my screen
  5. Whenever I turn my computer on my Corsair Strafe RGB Keyboard will keep changing lighting modes and I cant type on it. It isnt even reconized in the corsair software for it. Pls help
  6. I threw this together as a proj to work on in class while im bored so i wasnt expecting it to be good
  7. Guys! I would love it if someone could check my spreadsheet like look it over and make sure the info is correct https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xIqdVQ8kwK2ylyUrfHrH3CjmG071kvdpel7eaKme5IM/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true It's a spreadsheet of Intel cpu's specs Thx
  8. Thanks but it was just a fan hitting a cable Thanks for helping
  9. That was it Thanks! I forgot to move my 8pin PSU cable for my Graphics card away from my cpu fan and it kept hitting the fan lightly] So thank you newgeneral10
  10. My computer makes this weird electric kinda noise that you hear in a factory unless i hit it than it stops pls help
  11. thanks to everyone who commented it was the front audio jack that was doing it
  12. I did some research on what coil whine is and its not that because it is COMING from my audio device (headphones)
  13. Its not because it comes from my headphones or any audio device
  14. so it comes from the pc it started after i got the GPU