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  1. @Syntaxvgm Your not getting the point me and many others are getting upset that our game libraries are being fragmented now I have to have 10 third party launchers even tho I bought the game on steam. I DON"T WANT more SPYWare/ Bloatware. Steam is privately owned therefore I trust my info with them then I do with corporations. Epic, blizzard... ect all those launchers are SPYING on you and Selling your info to the highest bidder. This video sums up my point perfectly. Its a good watch.
  2. try reinstalling windows, it may have corrupted
  3. I finally did a fresh windows install of a one year old install of windows that was up to date and it ended up GETTING RID of my RYZEN FREEZE issues, Been a week and it only happened once so far. *fingers crossed*
  4. Everyone is different for me I chose to not have kids or Mary. It's my life and my choice anyone that says otherwise is selfish.
  5. I think that a solution would be to live longer as long as you don't have children? that way over population doesn''t become a thing. I imaging what they found to extend cells life requires constant medication or supplements. If you change your mind just stop taking the medication and die normally.
  6. R7 2700x, Audio keeps playing video and system response freezes at 10 sec at a time, AMD tech support un helpfull and trying to get rid of me.
  7. GET A VPN, you will circumvent the filter,
  8. This happened to my Dad, he didn't want to factory reset it. his battery was already shot so he just got a new phone. Their is a virus going around effecting old samsung phones. Just factory reset and add one app at a time the one what gives you adds is the problem
  9. I mean for that Build why not go Threadripper 2 and Rtz 2080ti in SLI and Watercool it. I mean hell for that price you could have a highend PC builder build it for you.
  10. The roll out is in a very small area I live in one of the test cities and It is unavailable to a lot of people
  11. It sounds to me like some settings were changed in the Bios? Try resetting that to default and then opening Ryzen Master and let it run on auto Overclock as well as setting your power option to windows balanced
  12. Honestly just upgrade to a Ryzen 2700x it can Obs cpu encode on medium as well as game demanding games at 4.2 ghz demanding games like Rainbow six siege
  13. Titan cards have been separated and are for number crunching like the quardros Titans start at about $3000
  14. calling it RTX is going to be a Failure Unless they Cut prices Anyone in their right minds would stick to pascal. What they are charging is ridiculous for ray tracing which is the same as Hair works in whitcher 3. Something that you are paying a premium for that only a small amount of games use and also kills your performance. 1080 ti 11.3 teraflops of performance 2080 = 14 teraflops. very small performance boost over last gen