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  1. Yes, Luckily the Macbook itself still has an ethernet connection, so that I was able to update the machine but still to no avail
  2. Thanks for the info, yea unfortunately i did not do my research before purchasing it. I hope I can somehow fix it, if not I need to get a different compact windows machine.
  3. Update: Thanks for the responses, I have not been able to resolve the issues. What I have tried: (Note: All I am doing is trial and error since I don't have any previous knowledge about this topic.) After extensive search I learned that macbooks generally have many driver issues especially with the wifi card. To be precise, I have a Broadcom BCM4331 Chip and according to this help page : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx there are a couple of driver reinstallations I could try which unfortunately did not resolve my issue. I also tried var
  4. Well I was told that plain Ubuntu would be a great introduction to Linux, so I chose that. Are there other distributions you recommend? My computer is very old has 16 gb ddr3 of ram and a new ssd and I would like to have the most fluid experience.
  5. Hi, I am completely new to Linux. I recently got an old 2011 macbook pro to try Linux with. I decided to dual boot OSx high sierra and Ubuntu 20.10. After i have installed the version, I could not connect to the internet. It allows me to select and insert my wifi password, but after a short processing time, it returns me an 'authentication required' pop up where I need to fill in my password again. I have tried to reboot my device, reinstall linux and reinstall two different wifi drivers without success. The wifi works fine when I run OSx so I don't think it is the wifi chip in
  6. Budget (including currency): I want to spend no more than $200 CAD Country: Canada (The Macbook has a German layout) Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Youtube, Word, Presentations, movie machine (using hdmi), etc. (just light work) Other details Hi everyone! I just wanted to see if anyone on this forum can give me useful advice about what to do now. History: My Macbook Pro 2014 13-inch was water damaged a few years ago. Recently I tested it and I was told the logic board was fried. I got a logic board from a MacBook pro fo
  7. Thank you for the time you put in researching these phones. After considering all I really do think the s10e is my best option. Unfortunately, its quite tough to get. With Amazon US I would need to pay shipping and import fees and also the conversion to USD. So I probably will not buy it in the US market. I have spoken to many sellers of used s10e who reported that their battery already degraded to 73 % (Yikes!). I will definitely look at other providers offering the phone. Cheers!
  8. First please establish: Telus I think GSM Less than 600 Processor and ram capable of simple computing for about 5 years. Not Chinese or from Google and Apple. Compact
  9. Thanks for the suggestion! Basically, I want to try something different than apple but I don't support Google and I don't like the practices of Chinese companies so I think Samsung is my best alternative.
  10. Hi, By future proof-ness I personally mean that the phone will be able to support me for 4-5 years. Not necessarily in terms of software updates, but overall usability. For example I do not want to have a device which would start to lag after 2 years with the most basic tasks for example watching a YouTube video. It also should be able to run certain games, for example even though my iphone 6 is pretty old, it still can run the game Among us which is quite remarkable at this time. So I'd ideally expect the phone to be able to run mid- low-end games after 4- 5 years of usage .
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Is there anything from samsung? I really want to try out Samsung and I am willing to sacrifice some longevity.
  12. Hi folks, I would like to purchase a used phone and I was wondering If anyone has any advice to share. I live in Canada and the mobile providers offer unlocked phones only under astronomical prices. For that reason i looked into the used / refurbished market from BestBuy, amazon, eBay, craigslist, Walmart, the source. When I look online I am most scared about buying a fake device or stolen device or a simply not functioning non refundable device. I contacted a couple of sellers and asked for the IMEI number on the phone so that I could check if it is verified. I was me
  13. Hey guys, I am thinking of replacing my iPhone 6 end due to its limited compatibility, declining battery and shattered display. I am now searching for a new device. I do not like large phones because I think they defeat the purpose of being mobile. Thus I am searching for a compact affordable phone. I also would like to experience an android phone, since the iPhone has basically been my only phone previously. I would like to try out a compact Samsung device (around the size of my iPhone 6), and I only found the s10e, s10, s20 and a51. I personally am not a heavy user o