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  1. It is an internal drive, it is also showed in This pc drop down menu. Other two internal drives are just in This pc drop down menu.
  2. No ☺ other drives are shown below This pc menu, only this Is shown as individual. Estetic problem but I would like to remove it
  3. In my computer in left bar there is a This pc drop down menu in which hdd are shown. Below this menu there is one of my disk shown as individual drop down menu. How do I remove that from that toolbar entry?
  4. What about this, which option to select
  5. But speakers are set to stereo., and Side option is still there. I set them to full range In realtek manager.
  6. You mean full range on Side slider, to put it on 100%? Speakers are logitech z333 if matters.
  7. On motherboard on onboard audio, the green one
  8. Can someone help me set 2.1 speakers in windows? On speakers propertis -> levels I moved slider on option Side but I cannot remember what was default option (0%-50%100%). In audio realtek manager do I need to set it to stereo settings (no 2.1 in drop down menu)? Also do I need to change 24bit 48000hz option?
  9. Yes, it is located in amd driver option, picture is looking better with that on. That is only neccesery to change if you use hdmi cable. https://pcmonitors.info/articles/correcting-hdmi-colour-on-nvidia-and-amd-gpus/
  10. Ok, thanks. In linux is there an option for hdmi, full dynamic range? I always chamge that in amd driver option, it is must have change option for picture quality.
  11. So you are telling me af far as I understood, I don`t have to install antivirus, no Adugard, no Malverbytes, in fact Linux is almost impposible to caught a virus or ramsomware? Also no install amd relive driver, no installing Amd chipset driver - Ryzen balanced power plan, no keyboard and mouse software (I use roccat tyon - probably optional install if I want). Just install Linux and when it is done I am ready to go, no little tweaking option like in windows?
  12. On Asrock page I see that they have put X370 Gaming X. What is the difference between this and K4? Is VRM all identical? I was going to order today k4 but than I saw this gaming X http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X/index.us.as
  13. I don`t play games much as before, always wanted to try a linux, if I don`t like it I will return to Windows. GPU is RX 480. Do I need to install on Linux antivirus software, all drivers and programs like on Windows. Manjaro seems good. So Manjaro because it holds packages for two weeks will have best and stable hardware and software optimization, very good security? Does all Linux have the same level of security? Will tails have that kernel in future? On first look I like Tails because it seems to invest lot in security...
  14. This is what is written on web page: - 1 Ultra M.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA3), - 1 M.2 (PCIe Gen2 x2 & SATA3) So will it disabled anything??
  15. What is the best-all around Linux that supports Ryzen? For now I was recommended with two: - Tails - Ubuntu 17.04
  16. Manual link http://asrock.nl/downloadsite/Manual/Fatal1ty%20X370%20Gaming%20K4.pdf - I already ordered memory 2x8GB 3200mhz, in which slot do I put them? - If I use m.2 slot it will disable some of the sata ports and pci express slot? Wifi m2. slot disables nothing?
  17. AMD couple of times stated that Zen2 it is going to be compatible with AM4. It is officiall
  18. Zen2 should be compatible with current AM4 boards.
  19. I am thinking between Asrock x370 K4 and X370 Taichi. I have already R5 1600 but in future I am going to switch it to Zen2/Zen3 8 core. It has been confirmed that Zen2/Zen3 will be on 7nm, so it should have very low power consumtion?? Should be much lower weight for VRM to handle? I don`t want to spend that on Taichi, better to invest in some other hardware. Some rought prediction, will x370 K4 VRM be able to hold Zen2/Zen3 8 core below 80C (VRM temp)?
  20. What will happen if I accidentally press the clear cmos button while computer is working? Clear cmos button is right above back usb port...
  21. I am thinking of buying Asrock x370 K4 and Intel® Dual Band WLAN-AC 8260 M.2 Do I need antenna for bluetooth?
  22. Didn`t choose a mbo yet. So there is no big difference in durability-reliability? I favotize Corsair LPX because there are low profile and the cheapest. FlareX is too expensive.